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Chablis with razor sharp perfection from Clotilde Davenne

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, March 04, 2018 16:24:00

Certainly you get something dreamy in your eyes and taste buds that come alive when you hear the word Chablis. The wines that come from this amazing wine area is often presented with perfect acidity and are perceived as purity itself. Few areas can get the Chardonnay grape to reach such heights especially as a companion to fish and oysters.

The producer Clotilde Davenne is one of my absolute favorites thanks to the clinical perfection of her wines. They usually have a perfect acidity that gives both elegance and finesse with purity like from a monastery. From her property Les Temps Perdus in Chablis village Prehy, wines is of absolute world class. And when the production is ecologically certified it makes it even better.

Chablis Clotilde Davenne (Systembolaget nr 6307) för 169 kr

At last, a new vintage of her entry Chablis and in my opinion, is the best vintage so far from those I've tested.

The color is light pale yellow and the smell is impressive despite its youth. Here you will find magic minerals, green apples together with herbs and citrus. A wonderful Chablis smell that just seduces from the first inhalation.

The taste is so amazing. The acidity is a razor sharp perfection, like the knives at Daniel Berlin in Skåne Tranås. Taste aromas rinse elegantly over the palate with amazing minerals, green apples, citrus and pleasant herbs. Despite its youth, the wine is absolutely wonderful to drink right now, but will obviously develop even more if you give it 1-2 years of rest. Just congratulating Clotilde Davenne for a spectacular craftsmanship and for less than 20 euros it is one of the best wine bargains this year.

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