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Manzone Barolo Bricat -13 - Pure wine magic

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, February 25, 2018 15:58:44

Few places on our dear planet are as beautiful as Piedmont in the northwestern corner of Italy. Here is home for the grape Nebbiolo, which is used in Barolo and Barbaresco. The area around the town of Barolo is highly recommended to visit sometime in life. Here you will find, among other things, the seductive town of Monforte d'Alba. Park by the piazza and have a lunch at Albergo Grappolo d'Oro, take in the magic atmosphere while enjoying a ravioli along with a wine from the area.

In this amazing small village you can find the wine producer Mazone Giovanni. It has been there since 1925 when Giovanni Manzone bought Ciabot del Preve and began wine production in Monforte d'Alba. Over the years, the Manzone family has purchased important vineyards on the historic hills "Castelletto and" Gramolere, two of the best vine areas in Monforte d'Alba. Today, their total production is around 50,000 bottles per year.

Barolo Manzone Bricat -13 (Systembolaget nr 70670 ) för 499 kr

Pure wine magic
The grapes of this wine come from the producer's oldest vineyards (+50 years) which are planted at the top of the acclaimed area of ​​Gramolere with south/southwest location. The color is dark red and the smell is still undeveloped, but you can be sure there is a good potential in the future. Shades of strawberry, mushrooms and a nice herbs appear after a while in the glass. The flavor is as dense as the autumn mist in Piedmont, and after aeration, it shows an open side with a deliciously tasty aroma combo of dark berries, autumn plums, walnuts, dark chocolate, vanilla and strong tannins. So powerful, yet with a fine dignity, it becomes pure wine magic that you will find only in the best Barolo wines.

This wine should undoubtedly be stored for at least 5 years to show all its beauty. The wine need this rest and its worth that time as it has a very nice balance and also taste layers that you can hardly dissect yet. Of course, the wine costs a lot but when you keep in mind that the producer only makes 6 500 bottles a year, it feels like a privilege to have a chance to drink it. Fits well with beef and truffles. We enjoyed the fried veal fillet with potato gratin and truffle béarnaise sauce.

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