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Bubbly wine love from Cavalleri in Franciacorta

Wine producersPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, October 29, 2017 14:06:42

The rolling hills of Franciacorta wine region, west of the wonderful university town of Brescia, has become a great personal favorite in recent years, and I often find that its wines are completely in level with the best producers in Champagne, even though the area is placed at more southern latitudes.

The area is a sanctuary of bubbly wines, and was already described in 1570 by Girolamo Conforti, a Brescia-born physician who with his "Libellus de vino mordaci" deftly and enthusiastically described the bubbly wines of the area as lively and effervescent.

On our first visit to the upcoming star restaurant Contrast in Milano, we were introduced to a new world of bubbly wines from Franciacorta and surroundings. A wine that impressed a lot was a blanc de blancs from the famous producer Cavalleri. So when we had the opportunity to visit Franciacorta this summer, it was only a must to visit Cavalleri.

The Cavalleri family has owned land in Erbusco (Franciacorta area) since 1450. A serious and long-term approach is reflected by the owner family with the help of a well trained technical staff. 45 hectares in the highest and most suitable of the Franciacorta hills, wine production is carried out with a focus on sustainability and respect for the terroir.

Obviously it is easy to get respect for a property with such a long history but surprisingly we met modern biodynamic approach so far away from the culture that often exists in today's agriculture where they are dependent on a variety of chemicals to produce desired product. Instead, we got to see how biodynamic cultivation on a larger scale can also create a natural defense and provide the best living conditions for the vine. So impressed with the journey the family has made to reach all the way to full-scale biodynamic cultivation. And who puts absolutely amazing Chardonnay wines on track to become part of world's top class.

We had the great privilege of being introduced to the wine estate and testing some of its delicious wines alongside with Diletta Cavalleri. And although their Blanc de Blancs (made on 100% Chardonnay) is the entrance to their range, it's just so amazingly good. Loves the bright bottle reminiscent of the Champagne legend Cristal.

The smell is so mineral-inducing along with the tactical accompaniment of wonderful fruit. The taste is sensational and just as good as the Chardonnay grape can be presented in its best moments from Franciacorta. Minerals, fruit and acidity in perfect harmony that forms complex suggestive taste layers refined to the last drop. Too bad that nobody has picked up these wines in Sweden, because the quality is incredibly good. But when you are in Italy its a must to try.

Grazie mille to Diletta and the Cavalleri family for their hospitality and to have given us a good memory for the rest of our lives. Their vintage 2011 Grandi Cru Franciacorta will be in the final at the annual blog jury meeting later this year when deciding Wineblogg wine of the year 2017.

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