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Massifitti from lovely Suavia in Soave

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Mon, February 06, 2017 19:27:46

Great things happens with an antique grape in modern hands!

Soave bordering to Valpolicella is just east of Verona in the higher-lying hills in the area. The soil contains different proportions of limestone and volcanic rock which gives its wines a nice minerality and purity. And every hill has its own unique soil makes the wines to different mineral symphonies and interprets earth elements in the best way.

In a small village of Soave operates Meri, Valentina and Alessandra Tessari the amazing wine estate Azienda Agricola Suavia (Suavia which is the ancient name for Soave). They are completely dedicated to producing white wines from the area. Wineblogg has previously celebrated their Garganega wines Monte Carbonare and Le Rive.

Massifitti 2014 Trebbiano di Soave from Suavia
Now is the time to present their exquisite Massifitti that is made from the ancient grapes Trebbiano di Soave that previously was almost completely forgotten. The wine is a tribute to the area where the volcano's heart has protected the wine roots derived from the ancient Roman Empire.

A light bright yellow color presents itself when the first drops fill the glass in dignified pace. The scent is so nice with lime and vulcano minerals that only the best hills/producers in Soave area can present. Combine that with the finest nuances of Jasmin, and will get a wonderful introduction to this divine wine.

The taste is perfectly good and yet another proof of what the female winemakers at Suavia can achieve. Clean fresh taste with crisp acidity along with minerals in world class in combination with a touch of pear, wonderful creaminess and fresh herbs in conclusion. What a great way to reintroduce an ancient grape that more than deserves a place in the spotlight again. Just for you to buy all wines coming out from this amazing property.

Suitable for seafood, especially fresh shrimp. Will also try this amazing wine with a creamy pasta together with winter fat North Sea cod. Easy to justify that this wine ends up in the final for Wineblogg wine of the year awards in one years time. Cheers!!!

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