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Contraste in Milano - Innovative gastronomy on galaxy level

The Silver Spoon ProjectPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, October 09, 2016 12:11:20

One week visit to Verona, Lake Como, Valtellina and Milan has ended. And imagine how much you can do in that short time if you do some planning in advance (which is my favorite doing).

One of our goals was to visit the new galactic star restaurant Contraste in Milan. I follow the foodie Salemudhaf ( on Instagram and when he was so happy after a visit at Contraste there was no doubt for us to reserve a table when in Milano.

Contraste is managed by a young ambitious team who have everything you need to be successful. Here you are met by an ultra professional attitude combined with dishes of the highest world-class level and with a fantasy that leads to a totally innovative restaurant experience.

Flow of perfection
The food, wine, service and music in the total harmony creating a flow of perfection. The experience killed our high expectations and took it to a new level of gastronomic galaxy level. Have been to many Guide Michelin star restaurants, not least through my previous jobs, but this is without any doubt my best restaurant experience, when everything was right.

If you are planning a visit to Milan, you need to book a table at Contraste. ( An absolute must! Go with the flow and enjoy ...

Cavalleri Blanc de Blancs Franciacorta
Lovely Blanc de Blancs from favorite Italian wine region of Franciacorta. More about this wine later on this coming autumn.

Raw amberjack's murrina
Contraste unique interpretation of the dish Ceviche

Donut "alla bolognese"
You have to be a food genius getting the idea to create a Bolognese dish in shape of a donut. Such caress of taste and simultaneously focus on the food through its shape.

Ca del Vént Rosé "Pas Operé" 2011

Absolutely perfect wine-selection by me to this unique menu. Kept the style right through the menu and a true fingerprint bubbly wine from Franciacorta. Five young winemaker create magic in a ultra small production. Bravo!!!

Mussels, cacio e pepe
Silky cooked mussels with a creamy accompaniment. Amazing texture!!

Suckling pig, potato and cabbage.

The suckling pig cooked for 8 hours and melting in my mouth...

Pulp fiction by Contraste
Favorite movie by Tarrantino food interpreted by Contraste. Brilliant dessert that put an end to a fantastic food experience and service experience. How many times have you been to a dinner where everything, yes everything, went into perfection? This was without any doubt best experience so far in my life.

Sooooo impressed by what Contraste is doing just now. Grazie mille Contraste, sei brilliante!!!!!

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