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My passion 4 life!

To lifePosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, February 08, 2014 19:26:31

What's your passion in life?
Life is too short not to find passion, no matter where you find it. In our current society, there are too many individuals who only live for likes on Facebook instead of being passionate about life itself.

Hot Yoga
I have two great personal interest that affects my life in a very positive way. One is Hot Yoga that has led me to nurture both body and soul in a satisfactory manner. To be enclosed in the hot room for 90 minutes, and to be challenged and bruised while the sweat dripping over me is better than everything else. The balance between the improved strength and flexibility is something that everyone can benefit from, regardless of age. Now 52 years, I feel stronger than in many years. In addition, Yoga have proven positive impact also on mental health. Have a hard time finding anything equivalent to Hot Yoga for cognitive therapy being in a 40 degree C hot room with a full physical challenge and "just focus on your breathing."

How can I justify the consumption of wine (2:nd passion in life). Alcohol is undoubtedly harmful to the body when consumed in excess. But wine also has many positive effects. Besides giving me a further dimension to food, wine is a source of curiosity and constant search for new knowledge and experience. Undoubtedly wine also have positive effects on health.

Yin och Yang
So my passion for Hot Yoga and wine is like my personal Yin and Yang. And I intend to continue with that passion as long as I live. Because I feel good and happy when I get to fire without being burned out...

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