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Wine producer of the Year 2013 -Mastroberardino

Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, January 25, 2014 15:39:30

It is with great happiness that we can declare south Italian wineproducer Mastroberardino as - Wineproducer of the Year 2013.

A producer with a distinct identity, humbly managed to maintain its tradition while combining this with a long-term successful development in a delightful way that can be enjoyed in their fabulous wines, and also being a driving force for turning the whole region into a significant player at the international wine scene.

I've always get something special in my eyes when standing face to bottle with Mastroberardinos Radici Taurasi Riserva wines. So powerful, with huge fine concentrated personality that gives a multidimensional experience and at the same time one of the most storable wines that I encountered. A real fingerprint wine that excellently describes this amazing wineproducers hallmark.

One of the best vineyard visits ever
Last summer I had the opportunity to visit the producer in Atripalda (close to Avellino) in connection with our visit to the wonderful Campania region. For sure I had high expectations regarding this visit, but not in my wildest dreams would it develop into one of the best vineyard visits ever.

We got the honor to meet the knowledgeable and very likeable export manager Stephan Moccia, in an excellent way, he represents all the good things that Mastroberardino stands for.

After an initial tour at the impressive facility It was time for a tasting of their wines sold in Sweden.

Was very impressed by the width and at the same time high quality of their production. The highlights during the tasting were the powerful Aglianico wine Radici Taurasi Riserva, together with absolute favorite rosé Lacrimarosa and exquisite seafood wine Nova Serra's Greco di Tufo.

The grape Archaeologist
The company was founded in 1878 by Angelo Mastroberadino (original name was Berardino but in the 18th century was supplemented with Mastro meaning master craftsman). Today Piero from the 10th generation is leading the company. Although Maestro Antonio still has full control of the business after nearly 50 years that he has been responsible for this amazing development. Not least his work to preserve and develop the region 's unique grape varieties have been significant for the entire region's development into a quality wine region. (Keep in mind that this area during the Roman Empire was the world's main hub for wine production, but ended after the tragic devastation of Pompeii in AD 79 , exactly two months after the new emperor Titus access to the throne)

If and when you're in Campania , I can heartily recommend a visit to their facility in Atripalda, where you can also buy their wines.

Dottore Agronomo Antonio Dente

Now you might think that this story is over, but it gets even better. Because after the visit in Atripalda we got a unique opportunity to visit their "state of the art" property Mirabella Eclano with Mastroberardino's head oenologist Dottore Agronomo Antonio Dente.

New Aglianico clones
The property is a paradise with lovely vineyards in a hilly landscape. Here, you will find a very interesting development of two Aglianico grape clones (Antonio Mastroberardino VCR 418 and 421). The goal has been to develop a Aglianico grape, with a more silky texture that can be enjoyed even in a young age compared with Radici Taurasi Riserva, which takes half a lifetime to be ready. Antonio Dente and his team have been given a free hand to develop the property with everything you could ask for to create the perfect grape base. And it has been a great success.

Must admit that Antonio is the most knowledgeable of all the oenologists I've met. He exudes such much passion for this development and makes it easy to understand why he was handpicked from the University to lead this impressive development.

The result of this development can already be enjoyed in the shape of the wine Redimore -11, which I will return to in a blog post later on. But I can already say that the wine is just as good as the described goal image. The tannins are more accessible with a silky and simultaneous rich thick fruit. This will turn into something really special in a near future.

The conclusion of the visit was just a true confirmation how sweet life can be. Their passito dessert wine Antheres, made ​​of 100% Aglianico, is one of the best dessert wines I ever tested. Unfortunately not sold wine in Sweden yet but a great reason to visit Atripalda.

A big thanks to everyone at Mastroberardino, that made ​​our visit into a memorable life time experience. Grazie Mille!

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