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Special Club - A very special Champagne Club!

ChampagnePosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, October 09, 2013 20:42:41

In the Champagne world the hugh Champagne houses rules (such as Moët & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot). Consumers usually picks the best and if you look at the number of bottles produced, it speaks for itself. But do they also produce the best champagnes? Obviously you will find unparalleled Champagnes from these houses, but with a very high price following its path. So let's instead discuss what you get for comparable money and the answer in my opinion is cristal clear. The small family-owned producers deliver incomparable quality with the cost equal to the big Campagne houses standard versions.

A very special club In the early 70's a group of a dozen small Champagne producers started a very special club called "Club de Viticulteurs Champenois" (Special Club). The goal was to make wine consumers aware of the small producers prestige wines (previously they sold a large portion of the grapes to the larger Champagne houses). To ensure the very best from the members of the club, strict rules for production was established. Only prestige wines from the best years were selected, in combination with only grapes from their own estate being used. The noble Bubbly must also be stored in the bottle for at least 3 years before being sold.

Bubbly promises
To further strengthen the club's identity they decided to design their own bottle which outlines the roots to older generations of Champagne bottles, to create a signature full of tradition and elegance. 1999 is the next milestone with the name changed to Club Trésor de Champagne. A name that symbolizes extreme elegance with thousands of bubbly promises.

Producers in the Special Club has a strong belief that the soil, microclimate and production methods creates a distinct fingerprint. Only sustainable agriculture methods is the right track to follow, even if biodynamic production is difficult to achieve.

Today, the club has grown to about thirty members with amazing producers Gimonnet, Paul Bara and José Michel. And Wineblog will study these special editions in the coming year and share the best experiences with you. So stay tuned...

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