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Wineblogg invest in an ActiFryer

To lifePosted by Per-Olof Diderot Mon, January 14, 2013 21:20:16

Have long been thinking of purchasing a fryer but the fat increase in the diet has kept me from buying it. Therefore it came as a surprise for me that its now possible to buy a fryer super light. Tefal ActiFry is developed to fry your food using only 1-2 tablespoons oil. You create the base and then the fryer takes care of the rest.

Must admit I had doubts when reading tests that you only nedded to use one tablespoon of olive oil for a kilo of French fries / potato wedges. But to my great surprise, it really worked...

I will return later in the week with a few recipes. Well worth the investment, as the family will get great pleasure from it and also a healthy one. The version I bought withstand 1 kg potatoes, but there is also a family version that manage 1.5 kg.

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