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Champagne Milan!

ChampagnePosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, August 26, 2012 13:43:25

When you follow the magical road Route de Champagne in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, between Avize and Vertus you will arrive to the village Oger. Here you will find a producer who trigger a visit for several reasons. Just the name makes me happy (Milanista forever). When they also produce lovely quality Champagnes makes the choice very easy. Have driven past many times but this summer it was finally time for a visit.

Jean Milan has been producing Champagne since 1864 and is now runned by the fifth generation of the Milan family. The property is easy to visit (speaks good English) and you can also stay here over night, provided you book in advance. You get a pleasant opportunity to test through their superb range. And I got special attention to their Symhorine from the ultimate vintage of 2008. The champagne is made from only Chardonnay grapes from the four of the best areas in Oger called Zailleux, Beaudure, Barbettes and Chenets.

Grand Cru Champagne Jean Milan Symphorine 2008
The scent is telling you that this is something beyond the ordinary. A clear reminder of my childhoods local bakery. The taste is really rich with an abundance of fruit flavors, sourdough bread and distinct minerals. A Champagne with its own fingerprints from a talented producer. Ideally suited both as an aperitif and but also as a food wine. For next time, I will try it together with a fish soup based on saffron.

If you plan a Champagne tasting, I can heartily recommend this as an interesting example of how different quality Champagnes can express themselves in the Côte des Blancs area.

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Posted by Johan Barnard Wed, August 29, 2012 20:32:57

Ahh, love the look of that road and the little village. Your description of the wine also makes my mouth water.