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Champagne imprint!

ChampagnePosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, August 22, 2012 21:00:56

Now it's a few weeks since I returned from another wonderful stay in bubbly Champagne. And time to summarize my impressions in perspective.
Despite Champagnes Luxury image, you must not forget that winemakers are farmers (in a slightly more advanced way), but with a big bubbly passion in life. This creates a great humility for what nature gives and takes. Meeting these people, create a lot of respect and love for what life really is about.

Vintage imprint:
Many Champagnes are usually a blend of several vintages to preserve its typical character over time. But with vintage Champagne is understandably different, more personal imprint vintage for vintage. Here is my review and opinion after trying many different Champagnes from different vintages and producers.

2004 - The slow starting vintage
The slow starter coming more and more. But will never be truly remembered with a few exceptions.

2005 - The expressive vintage
So expressive and charming in its extravagant style. Many producers think that it is not representative of a really good vintage. I do not agree ... This vintage is seductive and creates new crowds of fans to admire the precious bubbly wine.

2006 - The elegant vintage
The elegant vintage that represents the best of what Champagne can give us. A purity that creates a lot of pleasure...

2008 - The ultimate vintage "Crème de la crème"
Already with a cosmic reputation before it has even arrived to us consumers. In the standard Champagnes I've tested, with 2008 now as a part, it improves the quality considerably. A vintage that has everything, and I intend to invite my grandgrandgrandchildren for a magic sip ... Keep your eyes and ears open for what is coming in the next 2-3 years. You will be happy that you listened to this advice for a long timeeeeeeeeee.

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