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Not Afraid!

Other blogsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, February 01, 2012 19:29:12
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The market place for wonderful food and wine magazines/books have never been greater. We consume more than ever, this type of material, enjoy and dream of the perfect meal. Naturally, I welcome this development with some important exceptions.

1. I wont allow myself to be impressed that much of a recipe that I refrain from reviewing the raw ingredients I have to buy. Prefer rather a meal of fine ingredients than a nice recipe, but preferably both.

2. It is easy to find advice on wines which one after another of the famous wine writers, in a Bacchus style are trying to seduce you, with a tribute to just that wine. And its easy to be seduced, but all things that glitters are not gold.

Here is an example of what I mean. This week a member of wine jury for a leading Swedish wine and food magazine (Allt om Mat) triumphed that they tested 120 wines in five hours. Impressive but still not! If I take my own reference I can say that after 10-12 wines at a wine-tasting, that is normally the absolute limit. Is this super-tasters we are dealing with, or just people? Judge for yourself, I can only express my scepticism about the way and some of their results. Sorry for the the wine producers that ended up as tasting bottle 50-120 smiley.

3. Does the writer have any special interests in the wines he/she is writing about, and does he/she report this openly? Many bloggers and writers spend hours of work and a lot of money, writing about their passion for food and wine. But it can also be those who have close ties to various producers or importers. If so, this should be in the same way as when researchers in the medical field need to report if they have received funds from different companies. Giving the opportunity for me as a reader to judge by myself what to believe or not!

I am not afraid ...

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