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An ocean of flavours!

Other beveragesPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Thu, January 26, 2012 20:35:27
Sometimes curiosity wins! Or could it really be worth buying a bottle of whisky for almost 80 Euro?

Laphroaig 18 Years Old for 77 Euro

During Christmas, I got a whim to buy this whisky that I have heard so many positive comments about. Of course, very curious if the rumours ...

The scent is huge with a touch of honey, caramel, vanilla, nuts and ocean! The taste embrace me with a lovely complex aromas, of heather honey, licorice, Swedish oysters, nuts, and a suggestive smoky ending. The taste get my mouth and senses to shout out for joy. Each drop of this God-given whisky is worth its weight in gold. If you get the chance to drink one more whisky in your life-time (especially if you appreciate the drops made ​​with love by The Islay), then this is the chosen one. Ardbeg in its different flavour versions always stay as my favourites, but this is equal if not even better. An Islay whisky with an ocean of flavours, perfect in my home on the Island where I live.

Quality 100/100
Price worthiness 98/100

To Phill, cheers!

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