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Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, December 31, 2011 16:52:53

It is a great honour to present this year's Winemaker of the Year 2011. The Champagne producer Pierre Péters is currently managed by Rodolphe Peters. He has everything required of a winemaker to be successful all over the world. In order to understand his concept for success we must go back in history.

The family began producing grapes in Le Mesnil by the Luxembourg born Gaspar Péters that married Miss Doué (which fortunately had a small vineyard in the best location of the Cote des Blancs). In the first phase they sold the grapes to the larger Champagne houses. In 1929 they decided, however, to start and sell their own Champagne under the name of Camille Peters and also purchased 2.5 hectares of Le Chétillons in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger.

In 1946 an important step was made when Pierre Péters took over and changed the company name to the present. Pierre developed the property and brand for more then 35 years. His son, Francois took over the property in 1967 and ensured sustainability. During this time the company developed and became internationally recognized by global Champagne lovers.

In 2008 Rodolphe heads Pierre Péters. With his great knowledge of modern wine production and international marketing, they have now taken a further step towards the supernovas in our wine world galaxy.
I personally had the great privilege of meeting this dynamic winemaker in Le Mesnil this summer. Although he is a very busy person, I was impressed by Rudolph's professional personality. Total focus on his visitors, and at the same time running a business at a high pace. The house has an exciting future ahead with new production methods introduced with focus on pure quality, while the legacy of his father and grandfather clearly visible. What makes it even better, he is also a marketer of high international level.

Rodolphe also work as a global wine consultant supporting producers in southern France, Russia, Australia and US. When I asked how he manage everything, Rodolphe rushes out of the tasting room, to come back with a big smile and show the wine samples, sent from the other producers. An environmentally friendly and great way to "share best practice" wherever you are.

To give this prize to Rodolphe who exudes so much passion and professionalism for his work and to life, is a real pleasure. You can never achieve success in global competition without these characteristics.
Finally, I want to tell you about Pierre Péters prestige vintage Champagne Les Chétillons. I have tasted several vintages and especially the one from 2000, which I drank on my 50th birthday, is particularly close to my heart. The chalky soils of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger area is full of minerals which are reflected in this totally lovely and extra-ordinary Champagne. The nose is elegant with clear complex nuances of white flowers, citrus, peach and toast. The taste makes me shed tears of happiness ... The palate is spreading lovely aromas of minerals, citrus, hazelnut and acacia honey in a perfect harmony, like the finest symphonies. The over 80 year old vines deliver everything you could ask for. And fortunately, you can still buy it in Sweden for the bargain price of 60 Euro.
Price worthiness 97/100
Quality 97/100

I am already now looking forward to the day when I can buy vintage of 2008, which will be pure magic (from a very reliable source) ...

Finally, I wish all readers a Happy New Year and thank you for giving me the opportunity to write this story.

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