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Sileo from Montsant - The red wine soil singing again!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, April 01, 2017 17:33:26

So fun to discover the wines of a relatively new wine region although the area had wine making since Roman times. The neighbor Priorat contribution to the new Spanish wine miracle is well known, but Montsant on other hand, has played a more modest role until a few years ago. Despite being located adjacent to each other the soil completely different, where the Priorat has black soil called "Licoreras" while there is a more reddish soil with slate and granite in Montsant. The area got its classification DO (Denominación de Origien) as late as 2001.

Sileo 2015 from Montsant

The organic wine Sileo is created by the famous Cava producer Agustí Torelló Roca on the relatively new property in Montsant. This combination turns out was a successful mix when the wine offers a lovely wine character. The grapes used in this wine are Garnatxa 80%, 20% Samso.

Dark red color of the most concentrated wines like Spanish bull blood. The smell, however, is silky smooth iwith shades of strawberry and cherry with soft vanilla. The flavor is grape typical from the red soil of the Montsant. Dark berries creates a silky appropriations. The palate is filled by plum aromas together with cherries and cranberries, where acidity and sweetness come together in perfect balance. Mix this with the nice tannins and a vanilla dream to get a great wine that is affordable for this kind of money. Is highly recommended to a summer salad with charcoal grilled chicken.

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Leon Barral has done it again! Jadis 2013 - pure red wine love

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, February 26, 2017 12:30:40

The wine Region dating 2500 years back in time when a Greek colony was founded. The Romans then took over. Geographically, ranging from wine district southwest of Avignon (on the border of Tavel and Chateauneuf-du-Pape) to the Spanish border. There currently exist some 20 production areas such as Corbières, Faugères, Saint Chinian and Fitou. Faugères offers a soil similar to Piedmont with hills of silicon moraine where the wine grows between 150 and 300 m altitude. Grapes grown are the blue Cinsault, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvedre and Syrah and the green Roussane, Terret Blanc, Terret Gris and Viognier.

The family owns 27 hectares of which 7 ha is reserved for cows and horses to let the soil rest from production. The family Barral's are vintners since 1750. Didier Barral took over the domain 14 years ago with his brother. Didier Barral has a great interest in nature with a special interest in microbial function and role of insects in the vineyard micro society.

Leon Barral Jadis 2013
The wine is made from a lovely grape combination of 50% Carignan, 40% Syrah and Grenache 10.

Dark red bull blood fills the glass with force from the southern French soil. The fragrance enhances the feeling of primordial force that the soil emits. Magic shades of fresh Mediterranean herbs, meats, dark berries, juniper and licorice create wine love from the start.

The palate is fabulously good with oregano, rosemary, licorice, cherry, wild raspberries and a final vanilla cream. The tannins are so perfectly fresh when they are playing in your mouth and make the wine marries the food. Jadis makes me so happy for the wine exudes so much love. If you are wondering what it is suitable for food I would say most of meat dishes.

Leon Barral is an fabulous producer and with the new vintage of our favorite wine Jadis it takes Barral wines to a new quality level. And this is without the slightest doubt a wine that will compete for 2017 wine of the year awards.

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Massifitti from lovely Suavia in Soave

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Mon, February 06, 2017 19:27:46

Great things happens with an antique grape in modern hands!

Soave bordering to Valpolicella is just east of Verona in the higher-lying hills in the area. The soil contains different proportions of limestone and volcanic rock which gives its wines a nice minerality and purity. And every hill has its own unique soil makes the wines to different mineral symphonies and interprets earth elements in the best way.

In a small village of Soave operates Meri, Valentina and Alessandra Tessari the amazing wine estate Azienda Agricola Suavia (Suavia which is the ancient name for Soave). They are completely dedicated to producing white wines from the area. Wineblogg has previously celebrated their Garganega wines Monte Carbonare and Le Rive.

Massifitti 2014 Trebbiano di Soave from Suavia
Now is the time to present their exquisite Massifitti that is made from the ancient grapes Trebbiano di Soave that previously was almost completely forgotten. The wine is a tribute to the area where the volcano's heart has protected the wine roots derived from the ancient Roman Empire.

A light bright yellow color presents itself when the first drops fill the glass in dignified pace. The scent is so nice with lime and vulcano minerals that only the best hills/producers in Soave area can present. Combine that with the finest nuances of Jasmin, and will get a wonderful introduction to this divine wine.

The taste is perfectly good and yet another proof of what the female winemakers at Suavia can achieve. Clean fresh taste with crisp acidity along with minerals in world class in combination with a touch of pear, wonderful creaminess and fresh herbs in conclusion. What a great way to reintroduce an ancient grape that more than deserves a place in the spotlight again. Just for you to buy all wines coming out from this amazing property.

Suitable for seafood, especially fresh shrimp. Will also try this amazing wine with a creamy pasta together with winter fat North Sea cod. Easy to justify that this wine ends up in the final for Wineblogg wine of the year awards in one years time. Cheers!!!

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Ætneus - Vulcano wine from Etna that rocks!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Tue, November 29, 2016 18:46:40

Last summer's trip to Sicily was just so good, and no doubt that the volcanic soil affects me in the best way. Both food and wine are of the highest quality along with a magnificent scenery and wonderful people (despite a bloody history).

This marvelous volcanic red wine Ætneus is produced by I Custodi, located at Etna's northern slopes. The vines up to 150 years old and is located about 750 meters above sea level. Grape combination is Nerello mascalese (80%), Nerello Cappuccio, Alicante.

I Custodi Ætneus 2009 Etna rosso
The scent is magically good and almost Bourgogne like. Here you will find world class minerals together with berries, fresh herbs, tobacco, and a seductive oak character. So happy when we face such a delightful introduction.

Damn good wine

And the taste is just as good. For an elegant fruit, followed up with great minerals, dense tobacco, vanilla nuance perfectly together with herbs and playful tannins. Damn good wine now and that will be monumentally good in 3-5 years. There is so much volcano puls and it becomes the wine's main artery. Without the slightest doubt, a wine for this year's jury meeting at, when this year's wine of the year will be appointed.

Cheers sisters and brothers !!!

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Cannelloni con foie gras e filetto di maiale

The Silver Spoon ProjectPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Tue, November 22, 2016 18:55:57
I love Italian food as well as many of you readers. With its simplicity in the ingredient driven cooking the best way is to be very selective and choose products with care. Getting to walk around great market place with wonderful products is a blessing. Here is a dish based on this concept, which is also so easy to make and with the amazingly tasteful result.
The Silverpoon project presents Cannelloni with foie gras and pork tenderloin

Start by cutting the pork tenderloin into small pieces and fry it together with foie gras until the meat is filled with foie gras. Once that is done, fill the Cannelloni with the mixture and place them in a buttered form. Add the Bechamel sauce or with a spicy tomato mixture. When it is finished in the oven, remove it and garnish with cherry tomato and grated Reggiano Parmegiano. So incredibly tasteful and beautiful at the same time.

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Monte Rossa - Bubbly wine love from Franciacorta

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Fri, November 04, 2016 16:14:55

This weekend we will remember our dead friends and family members extra much. Equally important is to love and show passion for life right now while you have it. For wherever you are in life it's something / someone to love and it sure feels a lot better to love than to hate.

My love the wine country Italy is well known. My passion is also the bubbly wine that makes life ggod. At the foot of the Alps is the Italian bubbla sanctuary Franciacorta. An undulating landscape that is so seductive to the eye, taste and heart. Here you can find the top producers Berlucchi and Ca 'del Bosco. But also many more exciting producers who deserve to be in the limelight. Franciacorta producer Monte Rossa founded in 1972 by entrepreneur Paolo Rabotti and his wife Paola. Today the property is runned by his son Emanuele which with great passion and innovative methods create bubbly wine love. Here is a description of a successful testing of their great rosé.

Monte Rossa Rosé (Systembolaget nr 7615) för 159 kr

The pink color is beautiful just like the soft surface of a ripe peach. The scent is wonderfully full-bodied with hints of biscuits, blood orange and strawberry. The taste is amazingly good. My palate discovers strawberry, minerals, blood orange, nougat and red autumn apples. Combine this with a lovely creaminess and you have a bubbly "value for money" wine that surprises. The advantage of this type of wine is that it is possible to combine with most of food. Why not try it together with seared tuna, cod or pork Provençale.

How good is the wines of Franciacorta?! Add a couple of euros on a well-made Prosecco and get this amazing wine instead. Will make a new stop in Franciacorta next summer.

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Contraste in Milano - Innovative gastronomy on galaxy level

The Silver Spoon ProjectPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, October 09, 2016 12:11:20

One week visit to Verona, Lake Como, Valtellina and Milan has ended. And imagine how much you can do in that short time if you do some planning in advance (which is my favorite doing).

One of our goals was to visit the new galactic star restaurant Contraste in Milan. I follow the foodie Salemudhaf ( on Instagram and when he was so happy after a visit at Contraste there was no doubt for us to reserve a table when in Milano.

Contraste is managed by a young ambitious team who have everything you need to be successful. Here you are met by an ultra professional attitude combined with dishes of the highest world-class level and with a fantasy that leads to a totally innovative restaurant experience.

Flow of perfection
The food, wine, service and music in the total harmony creating a flow of perfection. The experience killed our high expectations and took it to a new level of gastronomic galaxy level. Have been to many Guide Michelin star restaurants, not least through my previous jobs, but this is without any doubt my best restaurant experience, when everything was right.

If you are planning a visit to Milan, you need to book a table at Contraste. ( An absolute must! Go with the flow and enjoy ...

Cavalleri Blanc de Blancs Franciacorta
Lovely Blanc de Blancs from favorite Italian wine region of Franciacorta. More about this wine later on this coming autumn.

Raw amberjack's murrina
Contraste unique interpretation of the dish Ceviche

Donut "alla bolognese"
You have to be a food genius getting the idea to create a Bolognese dish in shape of a donut. Such caress of taste and simultaneously focus on the food through its shape.

Ca del Vént Rosé "Pas Operé" 2011

Absolutely perfect wine-selection by me to this unique menu. Kept the style right through the menu and a true fingerprint bubbly wine from Franciacorta. Five young winemaker create magic in a ultra small production. Bravo!!!

Mussels, cacio e pepe
Silky cooked mussels with a creamy accompaniment. Amazing texture!!

Suckling pig, potato and cabbage.

The suckling pig cooked for 8 hours and melting in my mouth...

Pulp fiction by Contraste
Favorite movie by Tarrantino food interpreted by Contraste. Brilliant dessert that put an end to a fantastic food experience and service experience. How many times have you been to a dinner where everything, yes everything, went into perfection? This was without any doubt best experience so far in my life.

Sooooo impressed by what Contraste is doing just now. Grazie mille Contraste, sei brilliante!!!!!

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Best Italian bubbly from Berlucchi

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, September 18, 2016 14:11:59

If you have followed vinblogg you may have noticed that we have a bubbly favorite in Italian Berlucchi from Franciacorta. Now we finally got the chance to visit this cult producer. And what wonderful impression we got from this meeting.

The area Franciacorta is a green oasis located in Lombardy. The producer Berlucchi was founded by Franco Ziliani during the magical year 1961 (my birth year by the way) and is currently the best sparkling wine producer in Italy, known far across the borders for its quality wines. They currently produce about 5 million bottles and stands for quality from the first to the last drop which impresse me a lot.

The property is located in a beautiful rolling countryside just south of Lake d'Iseo and next door to the Franciacorta Golf Club. Go and visit them because the property is a real gem and you will be greeted by wonderful people who love their profession and their products.

Berlucchi produces super bubbly regardless of which of their wines you choose. In Sweden there are currently three of their wines and Berlucchi61 is a big personal favorite in the past, but there is obviously room for more. So when I got the chance to test their Berlucchi61 Rosé I fell head over heels.

Berlucchi61 Rosé
The wine is made of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay harvested during the period from late August to early September. The color is perfect light pink with nose hints of minerals, strawberry and a nice citrus.

Taste is seductively good bubbly with delicious aromas of amazing minerals, citrus, wild strawberry and strawberry cream. So perfectly balanced that tou want a sparkling rosé to be. For me personally, this is the best Italian bubbly I've ever tested together with Cellarius Rosé from the same producer. Kudos to Berlucchi for the quality journey that they are on. For no doubt that the Franciacorta area can deliver fantastic world class sparkling wines.

Berlucchi61 Rosé fits most food, from seafood to pasta dishes or even as an aperitif with your loved one.

We had the honor to test the full range of Berlucchi wines and was hugely impressed. (A must is to buy their Cellarius Rosé) I have only chosen to write about the wines currently available for purchase in Sweden. Hopefully more Swedish wine consumers will discover Berlucchi and hope that we can buy the full product range in Sweden from this great producer in the future.

Grazie mille to Paolo Ziliani for the opportunity to visit the Berlucchi and wonderful Francesca Facchetti who was a fantastic guide presenting the property and its bubbly history. Berlucchi fan 4 ever.

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Sander - A Riesling made for summer evenings

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, July 31, 2016 17:12:16

We have enjoyed a relaxing holiday in Sicily last two weeks visiting both the Cefalu regionen and Castellammare del Golfo. It was amazing, but more on that here on winblogg in August.

After all the fantastic food and vulcano wine consumed during the trip we needed to neutralize our taste buds for the Nordic cuisine. And a grape that makes is best is in my opinion the Riesling grape, especially when it has grown slightly south of Frankfurt in Germany. Is there anything better than a warm summer where wonderful minerals meets citrus and with a perfect acidity. Is there any wine lover that does not get going with that combo? Earlier in the spring, we tested Von Buhl Riesling with great pleasure. And now it is time to turn to organic producer Sander from Reinhessen.

Sander eco Riesling from 2015 for the wine bargain price of 11 euro (in Sweden)
The scent is wonderful, full of minerals (like smelling the dirt) together with a lovely freshly squeezed citrus and a delicate touch of honey. A true benchmark Riesling smell in my opinion.

The taste is perfect for summer grilled seafood dishes. Here you will find a perfect acid similar to the sounds of the opera Elektra by Richard Strauss. Combine that with a beautiful minerals, fresh fruity, citrus, fresh herbs and a final hint of honey. So good for just the price close to 10 euros, makes it into an obvious wine bargain made for summer.

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Botonero - Grill wine of the year from Mamete Prevostini

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Mon, February 22, 2016 20:03:59

Valtellina producer Mamete Prevostini has done it again. All of their wines are true wine art in higher Nebbiolo school and a pleasure every time we get the opportunity to open a bottle. Now in early March Swedish Systembolaget release their Botonero 2013 from the municipality e di Sondrio Teglio, more a rock'n'roll wine compare to its siblings.

Botonero 2013 from Mamete Prevostini

Grill wine of the year
A light ruby color reveals nothing of the power available in the glass (like a wolf in sheep's clothing). The fragrance reveals so much more with an amazing combination of violet and charcuteries that create a great desire for more. And from the first sip, you are totally sold. For meaty aromas together with violets, rosemary and fantastic tannins creates an amazingly good red wine.

So perfect for spring grill in connections with juicy steaks and of course a wine-selection if you want to be praised for your good taste. Although it's only February, yet I dare say that for this money, it is no doubt that Botonero 2013 is one of best wine bargains this year.

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Suavia - Wine and producer of the Year 2015

Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, February 03, 2016 20:40:13

Le Rive -11 from Suavia in Soave
In the end of Januari held its annual jury meeting to decide Wine of the Year 2015 on our wine blog. Six enthusiastic and excited jury members tested as many fabulous wines and came to an almost unanimous result. 5/6 participants choose magically good Le Rive 2011 (one had it for second place) from the female producers of Suavia in Soave.

Jury statement
Can be summarized by saying that we all were totally blown away by this white wine elixir. This wine shows such perfection that it is difficult to find a counterpart in the wine world. Absolutely fabulous taste nuances of minerals in world class with yellow apples, citrus and acacia honey.

The sisters Tessari at Suavia have created wine magic by capturing the power of the ancient volcanic soil and demonstrated that the classic wine region, like Soave has so much more to offer for the future. The sisters is also extremely humble combined with modern thinking which is much admired. Just the fact, that from this classic wine region, to introduce the new interesting bottles and wine labels shows both courage, wisdom and great talent.

With Suavias unprecedented journey to wine world class we also are very happy to give the prize as 2015 Producer of the Year at to these SuaveGirls at Suavia. The first and only time that someone takes home both prizes the same year.

More rewards:
Best red wine: Sassella Valtellina Superiore D.O.C.G. Mamete Prevostini (Italien)
Best red under 20 Euro: Orto Monsant (Spanien)
Best Champagne: Lilbert vintage Champagne 2008

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Le Rive from Suavia - Soave on top

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, January 16, 2016 13:28:34

This summer we visited the area around the Italian Lake Garda. From this area, you reach the red Valpolicella, white Soave and bubbly Franciacorta within an hour. So beautiful area that is combined with world-class wines and exquisite food.

The area of Soave is located about 30 minutes from Lake Garda and is a beautiful area where life is lived quietly with great dignity. Here are some of Italy's most exciting white wine producers. If you have followed our wineblogg we have told you about the wines from the female wine geniuses at Suavia that made me fall in love with the wines of the area. For these sisters can manage white wines like few others on this planet.

The visit was one of last summer's greatest experiences. We meet Alessandra and Valentina Tessari. Two of the three sisters who for several years have managed the property in a very successful manner. The girls show great humility for their success as winemakers. That makes it extra fun to share our experiences from meeting this super producer. And they make some of Italy's best white wines I dare say without the slightest hesitation.

Garganega 100%
The estate produces mainly Garganega grapes, and they come from 60 year old vines grown on 120-280 meters above sea level. The wine tested contain the same grape as their amazing seafood wine Monte Carbonare, but with a completely different palate.

Le Rive Soave Classico 2011

WOW wine
Golden yellow color and a touch of green signals great character from the beginning. The nose is so enjoyable with masterful minerals along with nettles, yellow apples, citrus and light touch of honey.

The taste is just wow, and absolutely perfect! It starts with palate filled with an outrageously comfortable silky oiliness. Absolutely fabulous taste nuances of minerals in world class with yellow apples, citrus and acacia honey. So incredibly good that it is hard to put describe this total perfection. The flavor is in the +120 seconds is a gift from God that has given us a magically good life elixir. One of the best white wines I've ever tested.

The wine goes well with pasta dishes as well as poultry and cheese.

The sisters Tessari has done it again and the latest release improves shows that quality increased even further, to a level of absolute world class. Grazie mille Suavia for an amazing memory and divinely delicious wines. I will forever be a loyal fan.The wine will obviously be a hot candidate for this year's wine of the year award @ Wineblogg when the jury will meet on 23 January.

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