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Torres Santa Digna Chardonnay Reserve (nr 90315) 8 euro

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, June 01, 2011 20:34:07
Graduation day approaching! Here's one more white wine tips, this time from Chile. Torres family has done it again by taking the Spanish wine culture and fertilize it with the Chilean miracle.

This is the wine that really measure up and give your party an extra touch of quality despite its ridiculously low price (grateful for this Robin Hood approach). Although the grape is Chardonnay the aroma is reminiscent more of a Chenin Blanc with hints of pineapple and melon. The taste is much more classical with nice citrus and mineral tones together with pineapple. A super bargain that fits like the hand in the glove for a student party for the smaller budget.

50th birthday is coming up soon and I will go to Scotland tomorrow to conduct a great golf challenge with a friend. We begin the battle of Scotland in the golfing Mecca of St Andrews to play the Castle Course and Eden at St. Andrews links. End up in Aberdeen with playing on classical Crude Bay and Royal Aberdeen. Therefore, there will certainly be some exciting whisky tips coming days. Finally, from one classic to another.

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