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Coffee Pinotage 2010 from Diemersfontein

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Tue, April 12, 2011 22:01:56
Coffee and Meat!
Do you like these flavors? If so, I have a red super bargain to recommend. The wine is produced by Diemersfontein in South Africa, which in my opinion is one of South Africa's best Pinotage producers. Has been visiting the property and tried their wines, Pinotage version gave me goosebumps, which is usually a good sign for a really good wine.smiley

Before I go into the wine, I just want to tell you about the grape. Pinotage was created in 1925 in South Africa by Abraham Izak Perold. He was the first professor of viticulture at the University of Stellenbosch. Perold tried to combine the best features of the robust Cinsault with Pinot Noir, a grape that can produce very good wines, but are difficult to grow. Cinsault is also known as Hermitage. The grape was named Pinotage (another suggested name was to call the grape Herminoir).
Mixing these features create in the best wines, a unique creation with a combination of Pinot Noir's finesse and powerful Hermitage.

Now for the wonderfully suggastive wine. Take it easy when you start smelling the wine so that you not fall off the chair. Your nose will be filled with a great fragrance that you normally find in a coffee roastery. Lots of coffee and chocolate! The taste is beastly good... for this fantastic price. A Noah's Ark filled with coffee, plum, cherry and a buttery steak. What more could you ask for. Thanks Diemersfontein for this wine release in Sweden. This wine is hereby nominated for wine of the year.

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