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Lesso e Cervo Insaporito al Rosmarino (39/2000)

The Silver Spoon ProjectPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Mon, April 11, 2011 22:31:33

Poached Deer Beef with Rosemary

Cut the meat into small pieces and fry in olive oil. Chop a few cloves of garlic with fresh rosemary and a little sea salt flakes and add to the meat when it is browned slightly. Finish by pouring a little white vinegar on the meat. Blend it with a simple crispy salad and you get a guaranteed healthy and very tasty meal. Deer meat was perfectt to use for this type of dish.

Michael Cimino has directed the movie Deer Hunter with Robert De Niro in the leading role. It allows the viewer to follow a group of friends from Pennsylvania's steel industry before, during and after the Vietnam War. A great movie and the music is also superb.

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