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Cannelloni con foie gras e filetto di maiale

The Silver Spoon ProjectPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Tue, November 22, 2016 18:55:57
I love Italian food as well as many of you readers. With its simplicity in the ingredient driven cooking the best way is to be very selective and choose products with care. Getting to walk around great market place with wonderful products is a blessing. Here is a dish based on this concept, which is also so easy to make and with the amazingly tasteful result.
The Silverpoon project presents Cannelloni with foie gras and pork tenderloin

Start by cutting the pork tenderloin into small pieces and fry it together with foie gras until the meat is filled with foie gras. Once that is done, fill the Cannelloni with the mixture and place them in a buttered form. Add the Bechamel sauce or with a spicy tomato mixture. When it is finished in the oven, remove it and garnish with cherry tomato and grated Reggiano Parmegiano. So incredibly tasteful and beautiful at the same time.

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