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Monte Rossa - Bubbly wine love from Franciacorta

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Fri, November 04, 2016 16:14:55

This weekend we will remember our dead friends and family members extra much. Equally important is to love and show passion for life right now while you have it. For wherever you are in life it's something / someone to love and it sure feels a lot better to love than to hate.

My love the wine country Italy is well known. My passion is also the bubbly wine that makes life ggod. At the foot of the Alps is the Italian bubbla sanctuary Franciacorta. An undulating landscape that is so seductive to the eye, taste and heart. Here you can find the top producers Berlucchi and Ca 'del Bosco. But also many more exciting producers who deserve to be in the limelight. Franciacorta producer Monte Rossa founded in 1972 by entrepreneur Paolo Rabotti and his wife Paola. Today the property is runned by his son Emanuele which with great passion and innovative methods create bubbly wine love. Here is a description of a successful testing of their great rosé.

Monte Rossa Rosé (Systembolaget nr 7615) för 159 kr

The pink color is beautiful just like the soft surface of a ripe peach. The scent is wonderfully full-bodied with hints of biscuits, blood orange and strawberry. The taste is amazingly good. My palate discovers strawberry, minerals, blood orange, nougat and red autumn apples. Combine this with a lovely creaminess and you have a bubbly "value for money" wine that surprises. The advantage of this type of wine is that it is possible to combine with most of food. Why not try it together with seared tuna, cod or pork Provençale.

How good is the wines of Franciacorta?! Add a couple of euros on a well-made Prosecco and get this amazing wine instead. Will make a new stop in Franciacorta next summer.

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