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Suavia - Wine and producer of the Year 2015

Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, February 03, 2016 20:40:13

Le Rive -11 from Suavia in Soave
In the end of Januari held its annual jury meeting to decide Wine of the Year 2015 on our wine blog. Six enthusiastic and excited jury members tested as many fabulous wines and came to an almost unanimous result. 5/6 participants choose magically good Le Rive 2011 (one had it for second place) from the female producers of Suavia in Soave.

Jury statement
Can be summarized by saying that we all were totally blown away by this white wine elixir. This wine shows such perfection that it is difficult to find a counterpart in the wine world. Absolutely fabulous taste nuances of minerals in world class with yellow apples, citrus and acacia honey.

The sisters Tessari at Suavia have created wine magic by capturing the power of the ancient volcanic soil and demonstrated that the classic wine region, like Soave has so much more to offer for the future. The sisters is also extremely humble combined with modern thinking which is much admired. Just the fact, that from this classic wine region, to introduce the new interesting bottles and wine labels shows both courage, wisdom and great talent.

With Suavias unprecedented journey to wine world class we also are very happy to give the prize as 2015 Producer of the Year at to these SuaveGirls at Suavia. The first and only time that someone takes home both prizes the same year.

More rewards:
Best red wine: Sassella Valtellina Superiore D.O.C.G. Mamete Prevostini (Italien)
Best red under 20 Euro: Orto Monsant (Spanien)
Best Champagne: Lilbert vintage Champagne 2008

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