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World class Pinot from Giulia Negri

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, October 10, 2015 14:05:56
Most of you wine lovers know, that in Burgundy they handle the Pinot Noir grape best of all. And for the grape Nebbiolo the Barolo district is of course on top.

But what happens when you bravely choose to produce Pinot Noir in Barolo? This summer Wineblogg have visited the wine genius Giulia Negri in La Morra . She is widely known as the Barolo Girl and everything she touches turns into fine wine art. The village where Giulia property is located 6 km from the town of Barolo and this fairy tail village high up with magical views of the Piedmont is a must to visit when in the area.

Barolo Girl!
When we finally got the chance to meet her in person for the first time we met a wonderful soul. So down to earth and with a huge passion for the wine "craftgirlship". Her eyes say's everything how much she is willing to spend efforts to achieve perfection into every bottle that leaves the beautiful property. We also had the opportunity to meet her mother and close friends when we tested their wines in the property's garden. Have never felt so relaxed at a estate wine tasting along side with all these lovely people. So much soul warmness together with world class wines in the glass. Could it be any better?

If your name is Negri, coming from La Morra and making wine, there are great expectations. But why be burdened by this legacy when you can create a whole new dimension to the wines of this enchanting wine area. That she makes the future in a bottle can not be mistaken. A mix of tradition and expressive wines where the taste becomes more dominant and tannins accompany to perfection instead of taking over the whole experience.

This new wine oracle's journey can not be described better than her own words, "now that the Barolo Boys have grown up, time may have come for us, the Barolo Girls". And we wine lovers are ready to join this exciting wine voyage.

And now the wine!

Giulia Negri Pinot Nero La Tartufaia -12 from Langhe for just under 20 euros
Giulia likes to benchmark with other wine areas, especially from France and the Burgundy region. It really shows in this amazingly good Pinot Noir from the fantastic Barolo/Langhe area.

The color is beautiful ruby red and the smell is wonderful with rich complex notes of wild raspberries, rosemary and a finishing touch of vanilla in true perfection.

The taste just makes me so happy... As Pinot Lover I have found favorites from both Burgundy, Hermanus, Oregon and New Zealand. But this is something that allowed me to open the senses extra with a combined elegance together with power. I taste flavors of dark forest raspberry, cherry, juniper, rosemary and absolutely perfect tannins. A fabulously good Pinot Noir from a wine star where only the sky is the limit.

So seductively good and suitable for most food. A personal favorite that I can warmly recommended you to buy before rest of the world has discovered this magical wine art. For then we are talking about completely different price levels compared to the cost per bottle today.

Will later this autumn write about her Barolo wines that are perhaps even better. So come back to Wineblogg and you're guaranteed to get good wine tips for everyday and also special occasions. Why drink other than the best tasting wines, when life is that short.

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