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Albareda from Mamete Prevostini - Nebbiolo perfection

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, May 30, 2015 12:53:48

Food and wines from the north Italian valley of Valtellina has recently become a big favorite in winebloggs kitchen. Everything from bresaola (air-dried meat) to silky powerful Nebbiolo wines in world class.

Some time ago I wrote about an extraterrestrial Nebbiolo experience from the Valtellina producer Mamete Prevostini And now the time has come to have the honor to test a masterpiece in the shape of the producers Sforzato.

Sforzato - Dried grapes like the Amarone method
The production of Sforzato is based on a technique in which the harvested grapes are partially dried before vinification begins much like the equal famous Amarone method. The grapes are dried directly after being harvested - usually from September until December/January. During that time, the grapes lose about 40% of its liquid. Only wine made from Nebbiolo belonging to the Valtellina DOC area may be used for this type of wine. A Sforzato hold at least 14% alcohol and stored for 2 years. The classification is DOCG.
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Albareda 2011 Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG
The color is dark velvet red like the finest royal cape. The scent is still youthfully compact with nuances of dried fruit, plum jam and cherry. Scent image signals that this is an extremely complex wine that needs time to show its absolutely best.

The taste is dense as fog (Nebbia), with stunning stylish character of ripe cherry, anise and a perfect spiciness. Wonderful flavors overwhelms my mouth and the wine has already a fine balance between the light sweetness with a dry silky fruit. So perfect, for example together with Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses and Italian charcuteries.

Nebbiolo perfection
This is a fantastic wine (probably the best Nebbiolo I have tested) that shows what perfection means from this fantastic grape. So buy this wine now, but promise me to save it for at least three years before seeing the day light again. For this world-class wine is worthy of all the attention when it comes to winning big on storage to bring up all the nuances that are still hidden in the interior of this elixir. Once again Mamete Prevostini has shown that their wines are from the finest of schools, and this wine is worthy of all praise. It holds so much wine love like the finest marriage.

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