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Nova Serra - Yet another masterpiece from Mastroberardino in Campania

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, May 23, 2015 16:45:11

Without the slightest doubt is Mastroberardino from Campania, the best producer I encountered from the south of Italy. Everything from their magnificent Aglianico wines to white wines with great finesse. Under the leadership of Antonio Mastroberardino, the family have done amazing things for the Campania wine industry. And one example of this leadership is that they have rescued and relaunched vines from the ancient Greco di Tufo grape, which were close to extinction. Nova Serra is made from carefully selected Greco di Tufo grapes with great grape typical complexity and grown on premium position beneath the seductive suger top village Montefusco.

A Maestro's last imprint
The great maestro Signore Antonio Mastroberardino, which meant so much to Mastroberardino and especially for wine production in Campania and southern Italy sadly passed away in the beginning of 2014. So this vintage of Nova Serra Greco di Tufo was his last, and most likely is was the best vintage ever. A worthy master imprint on our wine heaven.

The future is already here
Now the producer is managed by the multi-talented and extremely likeable Pietro Mastroberardino. Together with his team and especially Antonio Dente who is the most knowledgeable oenologist I've ever met. No coincidence that he was handpicked from university of Napoli to lead Mastroberardinos vines into the future. I have had the great honor to meet both on my last visit to the property. And later this spring you can read our special blog article about my amazing meeting with the producer's vineyards in historic Pompeii.

Photo of Antonio Dente - Maestro and oenologist at Mastroberardino and a person I have every respect and admiration for

Nova Serra Mastroberardino -13 Greco di Tufo
The wine comes from the wine slopes approximately 500 meters above sea level beneath my favorite Campania village Montefusco. The soil is composed of volcanic material that gives the wine a unique character.

The color is so beautifully sunny, just like the sunsets over the Campania region. The scent is filled with volcanic minerals, gooseberries and green apples. The taste is amazing with a perfect acidity, oiliness and wonderful gooseberry aromas that settles like a silky creamy layer, like my mother's gooseberry cream. This wine is without any doubt the best white wine I have ever tested from Italy. Just the acidity in the wine is worth a blog article by it self, because it's just so fabulously good. This must be the perfect wine. So impressed by the Mastroberardino's craftsmanship. And you don't have to think that much of what this wine fits together with, for this creation is so much personality that it complements most dishes. But if you force me to make a suggestion it may be a Risotto Frutti di Mare or a fresh salad with Mozzarella di bufala from Campania.

(The label has details from a painting by De Rosa, located on the ceiling of vineyards basement)

And from one masterpiece to another! Tonight's winner at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is Grande Amore with Il Volo if I can decide. #ForzaItalia

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