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Nebbiolo outer space experience from Valtellina!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, April 22, 2015 18:23:55

I love Italian wines, as you probably already have guessed. The country has so much to offer in respect of flavor nuances depending on its diverse terroirs, with everything from Sicily in the south to the Alps in the north. Now my wine journey come to an area that I have never written about before. The wine region of the Valtellina is a valley in Lombardy, northern Italy on the border with Switzerland. Today, the area includes known ski resorts, bresaola, good cheeses and magical wines. And historically the valley has played a key role as an alpine pass, where people moved between Italy and Germany.

And in Valtellina the producer Mamete Prevostini plays an important role, one of the best producers (if not the best) in the region. The family has been producing wines in the valley terrace since the mid 40's. First selling wine only to their restaurant's customers and from mid 90's to customers worldwide. The area's dominant grape is Nebbiolo, a grape of great character who often have a high acidity with natural roughness and perfect for dark meat dishes and aged hard cheeses.

San Lorenzo Sassella 2011 Valtellina Superiore Mamete Prevostini
The color is bright ruby ​​red, but do not be fooled for this wine is after all made from Nebbiolo. But with a silky character that differs so compared to all other Nebbiolo wines I previously tasted.

Fabulous wine experience
The wine has after a proper aeration become fully fledged and ready to take us to an outer space experience. The scent is so incredibly feathery elegant and balanced with hints of hazelnut, cherry and fine oak character. The taste is angelic with a silkiness that exudes class. With a excellent silky style it is still a robustness with clear Nebbiolo fingerprint. Lovely and sweetness simultaneously with a dryness which is unique. aromas of cherries and hazelnuts flows as graceful over the palate like gondolas in Venice or why not a ski teacher up there in the mountains. Its a masterpiece handling Nebbiolo in this way, with a combination of the silkyness and at the same time power. This is truly a fabulous wine experience that perfectly suits an Italian buffet with the very best in long mature hard cheeses and prosciutto. But you can also have it together with a good meat stews and your home made luxury pizza (preferably with a little saltiness of the food when the wine's natural sweetness and acidity creates a perfect symbiosis)

I'm completely charmed and promise on the spot that the wine is included in our annual wine of the year evaluation in the end of 2015.

If you are an Amarone lover, you can also try the producer's magic Sforzato Albareda that is made of dried grapes which also means that it is slightly sweeter in nature. My advice is that you try San Lorenzo Sassella first, which is an excellent introduction to the art of managing Nebbiolo on a silky smooth manner while maintaining power of the amazing Nebbiolo grape. When you are finished with this taste journey you are better equipped to take on what the super-concentrate sforzato can offer.

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