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Excellent Brunello by Gaja!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Fri, October 17, 2014 18:11:01

Brunello (local clone of the Sangiovese grape) di Montalcino (beautiful medieval town in southern part of Tuscany) is for me personally forever associated with Tuscan super quality wine and it is also unfortunately the disadvantage of high prices. But here is something very special and affordable for special moments in life.

Angelo Gaja is Italy's most successful winemaker ever. His wines have conquered more "Three glasses" rating in the Italian wine bible Gambero Rosso than anyone else. He makes top wines in both the Piedmont (Barolo and Barbaresco), Montalcino and Bolgheri in Tuscany. It all started 1869 in the small town of Barbaresco by the founder Giovanno Gaja, Angelo's grandfather. Angelo trained as oenologist and when he took over the company he started a quality-improvement work that made ​​him the master of the "Italian wine revolution".

Santa Restituta is the patron saint of the island of Ischia (near Naples, Italy), where she miraculously freed from their pagan torturers who had planned to kill her in the sea. Naples Cathedral include the Basilica di Santa Restituta and some of the greatest works of art from the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance. I visited the church appropriately this past summer and shot the above image.

Brunello di Montalcino Pieve Santa Restituta -08
The scent is fabulous, with stunning shades of rosehip, white and black pepper, cherry, basil, roses and Italian chocolate! The taste is of hallelujah level with a great acidity and balanced tannins. Hugely appealing aromas filled with dried cherries, balsamic, black tea, tobacco, rose, basil and enjoyable chocolate aromas.

An incredibly good food wine that is already delivering on top despite its youth. Wineblogg give it 8/10 Winebloggcorks. And hopefully more to come with a few years of storage.

Bravo Gaja!

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