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The Casanova of rosé wines!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, May 24, 2014 15:32:36

A too energetic start of spring with a lot of golf and yoga got my lower back to say. -Take it easy and relax in front of the computer with some wineblogging instead. And it makes me really happy when I get to the chance to tell you about a new rosé love I recently encountered.

In Scandinavia rosé wines is increasing its sales sharply and it is certainly no coincidence. The range of really good rosé wines have finally reached our northern territory. And what better than to meeting the flavors of summer with this type of wine. Most suitable for all kind of food makes it even better.

il Rosé di Casanova La Spinetta for 13 euros
Many rosé wines has too much color and looks more like strawberry lemonade. Here is a sharp contrast with its pale pink color which indicates that the wine stands on its own with class. As if the wine hade a make up like a royal lady 300 years ago.

The wine is made by La Spinetta, a quality producer with a great passion for the craftsmanship. Located in Castagnole Lanze south of Asti in the wonderful Piemonte. They now also have production in Tuscany. A personal favorite producer that always delivers, no matter what type of wines you choose from them.

Seductive rosé
The grape combination to this super rosé is divided 50/50 between loved Sangiovese and Prugnolo Gentile. The scent is pleasant with hints of wild strawberries and herbs. And when the first sip touched why my palate I just smiled and realized that La Spinetta has done it again. So elegant and full of class that you get goose bumps. The dry berry flavor combined with wild strawberries, citrus and herbs makes this wine a new personal favorite. And for 13 euros, this loving rosé is an obvious choice for this summer festive occasions especially together with salads with for example, salmon or chicken.

Soon time for the World Cup in football and if you have not understood it before my team will be Gli Azzurri!

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