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Amazing wine from the Gods - Furore Bianco Fiorduva -07

Wine producersPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, May 10, 2014 16:07:34

Last year I got my first opportunity to visit the Amalfi Coast, when best friends made the brilliant decision to buy a house in the magically beautiful resort Furore. When you come from Naples you first passes the pasta capital Gragnano. Thereafter, the active village of Agerola after passing the top of Amalfi coast mountain range. Further down towards the sea Furore meets you with twisting roads and stunning sea views. Village center of Furore is located at about 400 meters above sea level but extends down to Italy's only true fjord "Fiordo di Furore."

The landscape is so beautiful and extreme that it almost hurts my heart to not to be there every day. The area is famous for the fantastic products made from the unique soil. Most vines have the root system toward the mountain and the vines are hanging in pergolas. The vines become influenced by all the good that the mountain gives and the grapes gets a natural protection. And below the pergola you can also grow vegetables.

Photo from Cantine Marisa Cuomo

The world's best hiking area
Amalfi Coast offers a wonderful area for hiking where you can visit the unique UNESCO World Heritage from completely new angles. The views, the moderately challenging hike with wonderful restaurants along the way makes the area among the best you can find in the world. Between Furore and Positano you will find probably the best hiking tour of them all. Senterio degli dei "Path of the Gods" runs along the edge of the mountain range and if you are lucky you will see all the way to the island of Capri.

Vini Estremi
Extreme wine producer Cantine Marisa Cuomo has its base in Furore. The family itself has about 4 ha and also purchases grapes from 62 small family-owned producers who together have an additional 20 ha of vines. Each acre has about 5-7 thousand vines that in average gives 1.3 kg of grapes per vine.

Photo from Cantine Marisa Cuomo

The vines are grown in an extreme environment with terrace plantations on steep slopes near Furore. Only if you visit the place, you fully understand the sacrifices that wine growers, in this area, must go through. Everything must be done by hand, then it is impossible to use machines which makes most transportation made by man through endless steps. The wine is grown from 100 to 700 meters and only the best grapes are selected for their most famous extreme white wine Fiorduva.

On our visit, I had the privilege to visit the producer and meet parts of the very friendly and down to earth family Cuomo-Ferraioli. Their patience and hard work have created the best conditions to produce amazing wines in a place where one would think that it is impossible to make wines because of all the challenges. (Producing wine on these slopes in altitude an every little stone is part of the World Heritage Site.) And the cost for producing a bottle is even or higher than most expensive Grand Cru areas in Champagne.

Wine from the Gods - Furore Bianco Fiorduva 2007

The wine is made ​​from a grape combination of 30% Fenile, 30% Ginestra, 40% Ripoli.

The color is among the most beautiful I have seen from a white wine with distinct shades of sun-ripened lemons from the area. The scent is heavenly with seductive minerals along with a healthy touch of honey and citrus. The taste follows the aroma and creates so much pleasure. A silky oily aroma symphony of honey, citrus, amazing minerals, faintly salty and yellow plums from the Amalfi Coast.

An incredibly good wine that you just need to test if you get the chance. Why not when give yourself and your loved one the opportunity to visit the Amalfi Coast. The wine reflects all the love you are facing in this divine place on our little planet Tellus.

Special thanks to Dorotea that gave us all info and introduced us in an excellent way to the wines.

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