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Suavia, a Soave that break new frontiers!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, March 23, 2014 18:41:44

Soave the sweet and lovely, is something that wine consumers are not normally used to experience. Instead, we have met with quite mediocre wines that has been anything but impressive. The first time I changed my mind regarding ​​Soave wine was when I tested La Frosca from the producer Gini. Now it has happened again and additionally with a wine that exudes class and that seduces from the first to last sip.
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Soave Classico comes from an area just east of Verona in the higher lying hills in the area. The soil contains different proportions of limestone and volcanic rock which gives the wines of the area a nice minerality and purity.

In the small Soave village Fittà the winemakers Meri, Valentina and Alessandra Tessari is running the property Azienda Agricola Suavia (SUAVIA which is the ancient name for Soave). They are totally dedicated to producing white wines from the area.

Monte Carbonare Soave Classico -11
The name of the wine Monte Carbonare refers to the distinctive color of the soil that is almost as black as coal and has a high content of volcanic material. The area is subjected to a wind factor that cools the vineyards and gives the grapes a healthy and crispy character. The grape that is used is Garganega and comes from 60 year old vines grown at 120-280 meters above sea level.

Volcanic wine magic!
The wine has a beautiful straw yellow color. The fragrance is seductive with hints of peach, honey, Italian citrus and alp herb nuances. The flavor is rich and makes no unaffected (and I do not mean alcohol). A creamy touch together with complex citrus and mineral aromas form an amazing character of this wine. No daubt that the vines have absorbed the force from the volcanic soil. You also get a subsequent flavor symphony of alp herbs, honey, peach and red apples.

A terrific wine that makes me shed a tear of happiness. Extra happy when all three winemakers are women. And with a wine that shows that Soave belongs in the top division for white wines. Especially when served to good fish dishes that need wines with great character.

The wine is guaranteed to be in the race for this wine of the year awards @wineblogg. The property is 30 minutes from the new Amarone favorite Massimago makes it even better. A must to visit as soon as possible ...

A special compliment to Suavia that from the next vintage is switching from traditional wine labels into something much more appealing!

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