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Pizza wine by Sicily!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, March 16, 2014 15:55:05

Always fun when you find good wines less than 10 euros and even better to introduce them to all @wineblogg followers. This time we take a trip to the sunny island of Sicily to find a wine suitable for some of our most popular dishes in most European kitchens. For sure, there are times where we want to have a glass of red straightforward wine, suitable for a simple dinner.

Feudo di Santa Tresa is a producer who manage about 50 hectares. They are located on the southern part of the island in the region of Vittoria. The soil consists of a 40-100 cm light red sandy loam on a well-drained limestone base. The grapes used for their Capoccia (meaning head of the family) is Nero d'Avola and Cabernet Sauvignon which have been partially dried to give the wine an appealing character.

Santa Tresa Capoccia -11 (nr 79836) för 79 kr
The color is dark red and a pleasant nose with notes of ripe plums, violets and fresh herbs. The taste is very good, especially after some time in the decanter, then the rich taste flavorings of blueberry, plum, violets and herbs emerges. There is a risk with wines made ​​from partially dried grapes, when the sweetness take over the show totally. But here, the winemaker Stefano Chioccioli, master this in a really good way.

For me this is the epitome of a good, simple and affordable red wine that is a perfect companion to pizza or why not to other classics dishes such as spaghetti Bolognese and lasagne.

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