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Red wine Matassa El Sarrat from French part of Catalonia. Wow!!!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, May 15, 2013 19:55:46

We have already decided, that later in life we will live part of the year in either Spain or in the south of the French Mediterranean coast. With a strong wine and food passion it is not a tough choice, until you should determine more precisely where to live. So it was with great curiosity that I tried a wine from the Côtes Catalanes when I visited the excellent wine bar (and store) Ved Stranden 10 in Copenhagen. Because even though I have been in the area south of Perpignan several times I did not know that the area also belong to Catalonia. In this area many great seductive wine is beeing produced that only gets better every year and usually is a bargain in comparision to quality.

Matassa El Sarrat 2010 for 26 Euro (

Matassa is an old Catalan word meaning the dense undergrowth of the forest. The logo on the label is a stylized form of an ancient kanji script which means forest. Domaine Matassa was named after the first vineyard was purchased called Clos Matassa, a small walled Carignan estate surrounded by dense forest at the foothills of the Pyrenees.

The wine is biodynamic and made ​​from grape combination of 50 % Syrah and 50% Mourvedre. A stall scent with lovely raspberry, licorice, lavender, rosemary and charcuterie conclusion. So incredibly exciting fragrance and one of the best scents for a long time!

Wonderful taste aromas with fresh herbs, pepper, raspberry and magical charcuterie. A really super yummy wine from an area that will lead the wine development in years to come. Wow! This wine is a must to taste soon...

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