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Spanish Toro does it again!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Thu, February 21, 2013 22:05:35
Wineblogg is continuing the blog series about Spanish wines from the Toro district. And next in line among the tested wines are Matsu El Picaros "father" called El Recio. Must honestly admit that I was a bit hesitant before the test, if this wine really was worth a 50% price difference. Soon you will find the answer...
Matsu El Recio 2010 for 18 euro
This wine is made with 100% Tinta de Toro grape has a luscious dark red color. The scent reminds me of a visit to a sawmill with fresh wood shavings in your hand along with a lovely blend of tobacco, chocolate, coffee and black cherry. Taste impresses with a clear identity and nuances of ripe cherry, Italian espresso, chocolate, blackberries and vanilla that present themselves in the best way. The wine washes over your mouth like a tuned mower and even get full attention from the first to last sip. A wine that shows the age of the vines can provide more complexity and finesse, just like in real life. For this wine can be drunk now and many years to come.

Wines of Toro impresses more and more, especially Matsu has succeeded extremely well in this new wine wonder. And of course this wine is by far worth the extra 6 euros. A great wine bargain that certainly shows up at wineblogg jury's annual meeting at the end of the year.

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