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Cream of Carrot soup - Crema di Carote (86/2000)

The Silver Spoon ProjectPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Tue, January 03, 2012 20:32:50
Vitamin boast!
You have to make the most out season vegetables to get enough vitamins to survive the winter. A big bunch of carrots form a good base for this excellent tasty soup.
Boil carrots and a clove of garlic in salted water until carrots are slightly soft. Place carrots in a blender, fill it with half a litre of organic milk with the equivalent amount of beef stock. When mixed, pour the soup in a saucepan and add a parmesan cheese that will melt during heating. Finish the dish by adding a spoon of Ricotta to get a perfect balance between the carrot sweetness and ricotta's acidity.
Delicious taste and you really feel the vitamin boast inside your body. smiley

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