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New years red 2011!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Thu, December 29, 2011 20:04:48
For New Year's Eve, in Sweden, its traditionally served fillet of beef and topped with lobster as a starter. This year I will myself be serving oysters, lobster, Beef Wellington and a sticky chocolate cake. And to this must obviously a lot of Champagne and some really good red wine.

Therefore, I have developed a list of red wines in appropriate price ranges in accordance to the flight seat model.

Economy class
Chilean Hacienda Araucano Reserva Cabernet Franc for 10 Euro.
A lovely wine with elegant French influences combined with fiery South America. The wine has a fruity taste with hints of black currant, plum, herbs and vanilla. A very reasonably priced wine that is perfect for fillet of beef.

Economy Extra
The Italian power package Taurasi for 17 Euro.

The wine which is produced by quality producer Feudi di San Gregorio is an excellent complement to your well-selected piece of meat. The wine has a developed and nuanced flavour with hints of plum, cherry, rosemary, tobacco and licorice.

Business class
Proud South African The Chocolate Block for 28 Euro.
Super producer Boekenhoutskloof from Franschhoek present a wine in the world class that is fantastic for a fillet of beef. A seductively fruity wine with a developed taste and a distinct character of oak, hints of prunes, coffee, pepper and lots of chocolate. Best vintage so far.

Happy New Years party!

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