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Torbreck Woodcutter's Shiraz 2010 for 24 euro

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, December 17, 2011 18:36:17
A supernova!
The new wine blog year begins with supernova from the Barossa Valley in Australia, that really reach the top immediately. Those of you who follow my wine tips already may be aware of my great admiration for wines from Torbreck. Earlier this year, with great pleasure I tested RunRig from 2001 which is the best wine I have tried this year. Unfortunately, this wine is very expensive so it will only be consumed at very special occasions.

Now. I have also tried a wine from the same producer that is in a more humane price level. So how big difference is it really, paying 160 Euro more per bottle compared to this one. Lets find out!

The colour of the wine is beautiful shiraz dark red and the scent is balanced with lovely hints of plum and allspice. The taste is heavenly good with wonderful aromas that remain in the mouth forever. A complex impression of eucalyptus and charcuterie with plum, allspice and dark berries. The wine has a brilliant balance that only the great masters can produce. This wine has so much to give, and it's hard to finish the bottle during the evening. It creates our deepest admiration for this achievement that must be on top of what the wine world has to offer in this price range. And also the best vintage of this wine so far.

Price worthiness 100/100 and 95/100 in quality rating (Robert Parker has not yet set any rating for this wine)!

Now back to the question if it's worth paying 160 Euro more for the top-ranked RunRig. Yes, I would not want to be without that experience in life, but must admit that it was easy to motivate myself to a massive purchase of the "cheaper" version.

Torbrecks "budget version" smiley make me so happy that I already now nominate it to next year's challange for wineblogg Wine of the Year Awards. Cap of for David Powell and his team who are constantly continuing to develop and dare to take on new challenges.

Cheers ...

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