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Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, December 07, 2011 22:50:05
And the winner is ...
It's a real joy and sit down to sum up this year's jury meeting. So much good wine in combination with fine Italian cuisine from the Silver Spoon Project, that already get me going for next year's meeting.
This year's wines are a selection of the best in each price range. Competition has been fierce, especially in the class between 10-20 euro . One of all the winners has also been chosen to win this year's wineblogg wine of the year 2011. And here comes now the presentation of this year's winners with a brief comment and link to previous articles.

2011 "Wine of the Year" and vintage Champagne!
Diebolt-Vallois Brut 2005
Really get positive chills in my body when start I writing about this Champagne, which crushed all competitors in its path. A superior majority of the jury appointed this divine wine as the winner. The flavour is extremely rich with enormous elegance and complex aromas of green apples, citrus and almond paste. I think this is clearly, one of the best vintage champagnes I tasted, if not the best. And when its made by fantastic people, it makes it even better. Champagne D-V rules. Congratulations to Isabelle and rest of the family.

Non vintage Champagne!
Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs.
An excellent cooperative based on divine Chardonnay soil in the heart of the Cote des Blancs. The Champagne is very good and for a price that will surprise you. Lots of lovely mineral and citrus flavours that are extra suitable for winter oysters.

Red under 10 Euro!
Paul Mas 2010 from Languedoc.
With the glorious grape combination of GSM, which outperforms all competition, for a price that easily could be 10 Euros more and still stay in competition (hope the producer don't increase the price now smiley). Happy that there are still certain stores selling this excellent bargain ...

Red between 10-20 Euro and this year's readers wine!
L. Jadot Beaune Premier Cru 1999
A sensational wine from a favourite producer, that to everyone's surprise releases mature Burgundy, with high quality, to bargain price level. Hope you kept some. Why not use it to a New Year's eve dinner.

Red between 20-30 Euro!
Moreson Cabernet Franc 2008
After all the French winners, it is finally time for a glorious South African wine. Doing it with this "Bordeaux grape", makes it even more impressive. A big wine that still needs a couple of years in the cellar. The best 100% Cabernet Franc wine I tried so far (Vergelegen was also great, but this one even better). Congratulations to all Moreson fans worldwide.

White between 10-22 Euro!

Clos Henri Sauvignon Blanc 2008
A fabulously good wine from New Zealand that maybe unfair had to compete whith all the other winners. A separate white tasting had definitely changed the ranking. Best wine I ever tasted with this grape. A super bargain! Already waiting for the next vintage to arrive. # post193

Dessert wine!
d'Arenberg Noble Chardonnay Semillon 2010
A given winner who really impressed the wineblogg jury. Many were pleasantly shocked and wondered if I had poured in some fresh acacia honey in the glass. So complex wine... that I did not think was possible for a dessert wine from "Down Under" (sorry smiley) . Chester Osborne produces world-class quality wines! A Christmas gift to my lovely Mom...

The price for this year's readers wine went to B.O.J from Bromma, Sweden. A warm welcome to next year's jury meeting.

So I can now close the book for this year's tested wines and hope for an even better 2012. France won "wine of the year" again, but other wine countries made a significantly challenge. Fun to see South Africa and New Zealand including expected Australia. Here's a comment to Mr Robert Parker who believe that France will find it more difficult in an increasingly competitive global wine market. Think the result speaks by it self. France various wine regions is on its toes and defends the position well. Cheers!

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