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Robert Parker predicts!

Wine tipsPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, October 23, 2011 13:38:21
Predictions by Robert Parker!
Have read an interesting article at, where American wine oracle Robert Parker looks into the future for the wine world. Here is a small summary including my personal comments (in cursive).

1. Revolutionized distribution - This is already happening in Europe and we have only seen the beginning. No wonder that the Swedish monopoly prepares for home deliveries.

2. Bidding wars for top wines - With the new affluent customers from Asia, the price of top wines increase dramatically. Do you want to drink Bordeaux wines in 20-30 years it's time to buy now even if the price is already astronomically high.

3. Life gets harder for France - Apart from the extremely attractive top wines, many winemakers will have a hard time. Do not agree at all, I think French wines are taking it to new levels while they become more affordable. The new French wine revolution has just started.

4 Wine coork will disappear - Only wines to be stored more than 20 years will continue to use natural cork. Synthetic cork is not an option, but the screw cap is taking over. Agree totally with the RP.

5 Spain the new star - New areas such as Priorat, Toro and Jumilla take over first place from Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Agree absolutely with the assertion that Spanish wines evolve extremely well just now and provided that prices do not shock increase, this is a lasting trend. However, I think the traditional areas have much more to give. Just look at the new wine revolution from Rioja ...

6 Malbec wave - Argentine Malbec wines are gaining more sympathy in the top of the wine world. I am more doubtful regarding this claim. Strikes me that many Malbec wines from this country is becoming predictable.

7. Focus on Southern Italy - As the prices of Barolo and Barbaresco will reach new heights, wine consumers will open their eyes to wines from the south. Since today's technological advances make it possible to take advantage of unique micro-climate conditions in the best way. The trend is clear that the wines from the south will succeed with a good value for money.

8. Unoaked makes ground - I am a big fan of unoaked Chardonnay wines as they often are much fresher.

9. More value for money wines - Competition in the wine world makes all need to develop and deliver more value for money. Old wine giants such as France comes to life. South African wines in general will have deep problems, when the quality is not proportionate to the rising prices.

10. New wine countries show strength - New technology and know-how allows new wine countries to come into the light.

To read more about Robert Parker's future predictions, you can access the full article via the following link on

Have a great Sunday. smiley

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