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Suavia - Wine and producer of the Year 2015

Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, February 03, 2016 20:40:13

Le Rive -11 from Suavia in Soave
In the end of Januari held its annual jury meeting to decide Wine of the Year 2015 on our wine blog. Six enthusiastic and excited jury members tested as many fabulous wines and came to an almost unanimous result. 5/6 participants choose magically good Le Rive 2011 (one had it for second place) from the female producers of Suavia in Soave.

Jury statement
Can be summarized by saying that we all were totally blown away by this white wine elixir. This wine shows such perfection that it is difficult to find a counterpart in the wine world. Absolutely fabulous taste nuances of minerals in world class with yellow apples, citrus and acacia honey.

The sisters Tessari at Suavia have created wine magic by capturing the power of the ancient volcanic soil and demonstrated that the classic wine region, like Soave has so much more to offer for the future. The sisters is also extremely humble combined with modern thinking which is much admired. Just the fact, that from this classic wine region, to introduce the new interesting bottles and wine labels shows both courage, wisdom and great talent.

With Suavias unprecedented journey to wine world class we also are very happy to give the prize as 2015 Producer of the Year at to these SuaveGirls at Suavia. The first and only time that someone takes home both prizes the same year.

More rewards:
Best red wine: Sassella Valtellina Superiore D.O.C.G. Mamete Prevostini (Italien)
Best red under 20 Euro: Orto Monsant (Spanien)
Best Champagne: Lilbert vintage Champagne 2008

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Wine producer of the Year 2013 -Mastroberardino

Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, January 25, 2014 15:39:30

It is with great happiness that we can declare south Italian wineproducer Mastroberardino as - Wineproducer of the Year 2013.

A producer with a distinct identity, humbly managed to maintain its tradition while combining this with a long-term successful development in a delightful way that can be enjoyed in their fabulous wines, and also being a driving force for turning the whole region into a significant player at the international wine scene.

I've always get something special in my eyes when standing face to bottle with Mastroberardinos Radici Taurasi Riserva wines. So powerful, with huge fine concentrated personality that gives a multidimensional experience and at the same time one of the most storable wines that I encountered. A real fingerprint wine that excellently describes this amazing wineproducers hallmark.

One of the best vineyard visits ever
Last summer I had the opportunity to visit the producer in Atripalda (close to Avellino) in connection with our visit to the wonderful Campania region. For sure I had high expectations regarding this visit, but not in my wildest dreams would it develop into one of the best vineyard visits ever.

We got the honor to meet the knowledgeable and very likeable export manager Stephan Moccia, in an excellent way, he represents all the good things that Mastroberardino stands for.

After an initial tour at the impressive facility It was time for a tasting of their wines sold in Sweden.

Was very impressed by the width and at the same time high quality of their production. The highlights during the tasting were the powerful Aglianico wine Radici Taurasi Riserva, together with absolute favorite rosé Lacrimarosa and exquisite seafood wine Nova Serra's Greco di Tufo.

The grape Archaeologist
The company was founded in 1878 by Angelo Mastroberadino (original name was Berardino but in the 18th century was supplemented with Mastro meaning master craftsman). Today Piero from the 10th generation is leading the company. Although Maestro Antonio still has full control of the business after nearly 50 years that he has been responsible for this amazing development. Not least his work to preserve and develop the region 's unique grape varieties have been significant for the entire region's development into a quality wine region. (Keep in mind that this area during the Roman Empire was the world's main hub for wine production, but ended after the tragic devastation of Pompeii in AD 79 , exactly two months after the new emperor Titus access to the throne)

If and when you're in Campania , I can heartily recommend a visit to their facility in Atripalda, where you can also buy their wines.

Dottore Agronomo Antonio Dente

Now you might think that this story is over, but it gets even better. Because after the visit in Atripalda we got a unique opportunity to visit their "state of the art" property Mirabella Eclano with Mastroberardino's head oenologist Dottore Agronomo Antonio Dente.

New Aglianico clones
The property is a paradise with lovely vineyards in a hilly landscape. Here, you will find a very interesting development of two Aglianico grape clones (Antonio Mastroberardino VCR 418 and 421). The goal has been to develop a Aglianico grape, with a more silky texture that can be enjoyed even in a young age compared with Radici Taurasi Riserva, which takes half a lifetime to be ready. Antonio Dente and his team have been given a free hand to develop the property with everything you could ask for to create the perfect grape base. And it has been a great success.

Must admit that Antonio is the most knowledgeable of all the oenologists I've met. He exudes such much passion for this development and makes it easy to understand why he was handpicked from the University to lead this impressive development.

The result of this development can already be enjoyed in the shape of the wine Redimore -11, which I will return to in a blog post later on. But I can already say that the wine is just as good as the described goal image. The tannins are more accessible with a silky and simultaneous rich thick fruit. This will turn into something really special in a near future.

The conclusion of the visit was just a true confirmation how sweet life can be. Their passito dessert wine Antheres, made ​​of 100% Aglianico, is one of the best dessert wines I ever tested. Unfortunately not sold wine in Sweden yet but a great reason to visit Atripalda.

A big thanks to everyone at Mastroberardino, that made ​​our visit into a memorable life time experience. Grazie Mille!

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Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, December 15, 2013 17:11:20

Wineblog annual jury meeting is now done and we can sum up a really good wine year in which many great wines competed at a high level. The assessment is only wines that today is possible go to get hold of, without having to travel the world. Hence, there may be extraordinary wines that do not have permission to access this festive jury gathering.

Wine of the year!
Matassa El Sarrat 2010. Spain had no representation in the finals, but instead it was a neighbor from the French part of Catalonia that made it all the way. The wine symbolizes excellently what area, near the Spanish border, can accomplish. A super wine with wonderful taste aromas from fresh herbs, pepper, raspberry and magically good charcuterie.

Producer of the year:

Soon on

Pinot of the year:
Schubert Wines Marion's Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011. A masterful Pinot Noir that even outclassed the American rival Walter Hansel North Slope in 2009 by a wide margin. As Pinot lover, I can only bow my head in admiration to this genuine Pinot art.

Rosé of the year:
Lacrimarosa 2012 from the famazing Campania producer Maestroberardino. The best rosé I've ever tested.

Champagne of the year:
Pierre Peters cuvee speciale les Chétillons 2006. This monumental prestige Champagne from the favorite Pierre Peters is without any doubt the best Champagne I have tasted this year. Bravo!!!

Dessert wine of the year:
Brachetto d'Acqui 2012 The lightly sparkling (frizzante) raspberry dream from from Italian super producer Braida.

White wine of the year:
Abraxas, 2008 from Californian producer Robert Sinskey Wine Yards. A unique fingerprint iwine memory and abracadabra to Italian starters!

Bubbly of the year (outside Champagne):
Italian Berlucchi '61 Brut. Wonderful bubbly minerals that beats most standard Champagnes by far.

Music of the year:
Muse -The 2nd Law

Holiday visit of the year:

Best dish at The silver spoon project:
Piccata al Marsala!

That was it in 2013 and I want to say a big thank you to all you readers who follow @winebloggcom. Additionally, many thx to all jury membors for their hard but yummy work. And THANK YOU to my wife Dear Karin, who puts up with all the ideas and waiting because of photos that has to be taken before the food can finally be enjoyed.

Now its only a few days left before wineblog begins to recharge my batteries for a new exciting 2014. And I can already reveal that the year begins with some great wines right from the start, so "stay tuned".

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, December 22, 2012 16:54:07
An excited wineblogg jury gathered 8th of December to select 2012 wine of the year. A wine year that has offered many surprises from most parts of the world. But one wine must ultimately stand on top of the podium. And there was an intense battle until the finish line.
But here's now the winner of wine of the year awards 2012. And here is what the jury had to say:
A small producer from the heart of the best that can be offered from the divine bubbly territory Champagne. With limited resources, great expertise and true passion they have managed to created a Champagne that is an outstanding achievement. Combining this masterpiece Champagne with seafood is a unique sensation and there is hardly anything equivalent to this higher experience. jury congratulate Bertrand Lilbert to this wine of the year award for his Champagne Lilbert Blanc de Blancs 2006. A true pleasure to raise the glass and propose a triple Scanian cheer for this masterpiece.

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Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Fri, December 21, 2012 20:23:58
After all wine tastings this year, it was easy to find a producer that stands out from the rest, despite the high level of quality reflected from wine year 2012. awards - wine producer of the year 2012
Here is what the editorial staff had to say:
A producer who combines the best of both worlds. A balanced Europe combined with new world palette. Only a master can create a wine like the Mona Lisa's silky smile.

Wineblogg has the great pleasure to congratulate Schubert Wines from New Zealand to this award!

Cheers dear producer and a happy christmas to you all! And tomorrow you can read more about the wine of the year award. smiley

  • Comments(0)// Winemaker of the Year 2011 -Rodolphe Péters at Champagne Pierre Péters

Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sat, December 31, 2011 16:52:53

It is a great honour to present this year's Winemaker of the Year 2011. The Champagne producer Pierre Péters is currently managed by Rodolphe Peters. He has everything required of a winemaker to be successful all over the world. In order to understand his concept for success we must go back in history.

The family began producing grapes in Le Mesnil by the Luxembourg born Gaspar Péters that married Miss Doué (which fortunately had a small vineyard in the best location of the Cote des Blancs). In the first phase they sold the grapes to the larger Champagne houses. In 1929 they decided, however, to start and sell their own Champagne under the name of Camille Peters and also purchased 2.5 hectares of Le Chétillons in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger.

In 1946 an important step was made when Pierre Péters took over and changed the company name to the present. Pierre developed the property and brand for more then 35 years. His son, Francois took over the property in 1967 and ensured sustainability. During this time the company developed and became internationally recognized by global Champagne lovers.

In 2008 Rodolphe heads Pierre Péters. With his great knowledge of modern wine production and international marketing, they have now taken a further step towards the supernovas in our wine world galaxy.
I personally had the great privilege of meeting this dynamic winemaker in Le Mesnil this summer. Although he is a very busy person, I was impressed by Rudolph's professional personality. Total focus on his visitors, and at the same time running a business at a high pace. The house has an exciting future ahead with new production methods introduced with focus on pure quality, while the legacy of his father and grandfather clearly visible. What makes it even better, he is also a marketer of high international level.

Rodolphe also work as a global wine consultant supporting producers in southern France, Russia, Australia and US. When I asked how he manage everything, Rodolphe rushes out of the tasting room, to come back with a big smile and show the wine samples, sent from the other producers. An environmentally friendly and great way to "share best practice" wherever you are.

To give this prize to Rodolphe who exudes so much passion and professionalism for his work and to life, is a real pleasure. You can never achieve success in global competition without these characteristics.
Finally, I want to tell you about Pierre Péters prestige vintage Champagne Les Chétillons. I have tasted several vintages and especially the one from 2000, which I drank on my 50th birthday, is particularly close to my heart. The chalky soils of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger area is full of minerals which are reflected in this totally lovely and extra-ordinary Champagne. The nose is elegant with clear complex nuances of white flowers, citrus, peach and toast. The taste makes me shed tears of happiness ... The palate is spreading lovely aromas of minerals, citrus, hazelnut and acacia honey in a perfect harmony, like the finest symphonies. The over 80 year old vines deliver everything you could ask for. And fortunately, you can still buy it in Sweden for the bargain price of 60 Euro.
Price worthiness 97/100
Quality 97/100

I am already now looking forward to the day when I can buy vintage of 2008, which will be pure magic (from a very reliable source) ...

Finally, I wish all readers a Happy New Year and thank you for giving me the opportunity to write this story.

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Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, December 07, 2011 22:50:05
And the winner is ...
It's a real joy and sit down to sum up this year's jury meeting. So much good wine in combination with fine Italian cuisine from the Silver Spoon Project, that already get me going for next year's meeting.
This year's wines are a selection of the best in each price range. Competition has been fierce, especially in the class between 10-20 euro . One of all the winners has also been chosen to win this year's wineblogg wine of the year 2011. And here comes now the presentation of this year's winners with a brief comment and link to previous articles.

2011 "Wine of the Year" and vintage Champagne!
Diebolt-Vallois Brut 2005
Really get positive chills in my body when start I writing about this Champagne, which crushed all competitors in its path. A superior majority of the jury appointed this divine wine as the winner. The flavour is extremely rich with enormous elegance and complex aromas of green apples, citrus and almond paste. I think this is clearly, one of the best vintage champagnes I tasted, if not the best. And when its made by fantastic people, it makes it even better. Champagne D-V rules. Congratulations to Isabelle and rest of the family.

Non vintage Champagne!
Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs.
An excellent cooperative based on divine Chardonnay soil in the heart of the Cote des Blancs. The Champagne is very good and for a price that will surprise you. Lots of lovely mineral and citrus flavours that are extra suitable for winter oysters.

Red under 10 Euro!
Paul Mas 2010 from Languedoc.
With the glorious grape combination of GSM, which outperforms all competition, for a price that easily could be 10 Euros more and still stay in competition (hope the producer don't increase the price now smiley). Happy that there are still certain stores selling this excellent bargain ...

Red between 10-20 Euro and this year's readers wine!
L. Jadot Beaune Premier Cru 1999
A sensational wine from a favourite producer, that to everyone's surprise releases mature Burgundy, with high quality, to bargain price level. Hope you kept some. Why not use it to a New Year's eve dinner.

Red between 20-30 Euro!
Moreson Cabernet Franc 2008
After all the French winners, it is finally time for a glorious South African wine. Doing it with this "Bordeaux grape", makes it even more impressive. A big wine that still needs a couple of years in the cellar. The best 100% Cabernet Franc wine I tried so far (Vergelegen was also great, but this one even better). Congratulations to all Moreson fans worldwide.

White between 10-22 Euro!

Clos Henri Sauvignon Blanc 2008
A fabulously good wine from New Zealand that maybe unfair had to compete whith all the other winners. A separate white tasting had definitely changed the ranking. Best wine I ever tasted with this grape. A super bargain! Already waiting for the next vintage to arrive. # post193

Dessert wine!
d'Arenberg Noble Chardonnay Semillon 2010
A given winner who really impressed the wineblogg jury. Many were pleasantly shocked and wondered if I had poured in some fresh acacia honey in the glass. So complex wine... that I did not think was possible for a dessert wine from "Down Under" (sorry smiley) . Chester Osborne produces world-class quality wines! A Christmas gift to my lovely Mom...

The price for this year's readers wine went to B.O.J from Bromma, Sweden. A warm welcome to next year's jury meeting.

So I can now close the book for this year's tested wines and hope for an even better 2012. France won "wine of the year" again, but other wine countries made a significantly challenge. Fun to see South Africa and New Zealand including expected Australia. Here's a comment to Mr Robert Parker who believe that France will find it more difficult in an increasingly competitive global wine market. Think the result speaks by it self. France various wine regions is on its toes and defends the position well. Cheers!

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Time to choose!

Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Fri, December 02, 2011 23:34:24
Time to choose!
Finally time for this year's vinblog jury to meet and choose among the great wines that has been nominated in each category for this wine of the year. I am really looking forward to surprise the participants with a massive symphony of great wines and good food. I will comment by twitter feed @ perolofdiderot when the results are revealed.

Now it's time to get ready for my highlight of the year!

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Wineblogg "Wine of the Year Awards 2011"

Wine of the YearPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, November 09, 2011 19:36:14
I need your vote!
A selected jury (no wine snobby is welcome) will meet in December to decide the wine of the year awards, choosing by earlier tested wines presented in the blog 2011.

Now is your chance to make your voice heard for the award of readers favourite. Send me an email and suggest your favourite wine by the end of November. The winner will receive a personal invitation to attend at next year's jury session (which is a great honour, where you can test all the great wines together with a specially designed dinner by "The Silver Spoon project". If you unlikely can not attend I will arrange with another special prize.

Today I am happy. My youngest daughter is home from the United States and nice to see her again after months of waiting. Now I will not let her go for a while. smiley

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