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Purity Chardonnay

BurgundyPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, October 30, 2013 20:35:46

A dark autumn evening like today is the perfect time for blogging about a new favorite of Chardonnay wines. I have over the years become increasingly "allergic" to the oaky Chardonnay wines that grow in the mouth until they suffocate all taste buds. If you like this kind of wine you may as well stop reading immediately. Presenting a masterpiece of Chablis made out of purity and love.

The wine is made by Clotilde Davenne who worked nearly seventeen years at Jean-Marc Brocard responsible for the wine production. Since a few years ago, she runs the property Les Temps Perdus in the Chablis village Préhy. She has succeeded extremely well with her certified organic wines and is a producer to watch out for in the future.

Clotilde Davenne Chablis -12
The scent signals pure class with a fantastic balance of apricot, citrus and subtle minerals. The taste is dominated by delicate Chardonnay aromas with a crisp dry appropriation along with hints of grapefruit, green apple and delicate minerals. Great value for money and I never thought I today could buy this kind of Chablis for around 15 euros.

Chablis was one of the first wine regions I visited and have always been close to my heart even though I partially lost interest because of the price increase. But here is proof that you can buy the best quality and still does not cost a fortune. Take the opportunity to drink it in combination with oyster and other shellfish as they peak in taste.

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Morey-Saint-Denis in Burgundy

BurgundyPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Sun, July 10, 2011 12:19:54
A journey in wine history into the future!
For the first time, we chose to holiday in the Pinot Noir stronghold Burgundy. We have in previous years, stopped on the way down to the Mediterranean, but decided to focus on this fantastic wine area. Must admit that it felt a bit strange not knowing where to begin when there are so many places and growers to choose from.

Map from
We chose to start from Dijon and stayed at the simple and cheap Formula 1 hotel south of town. The hotel is located in an area with lots of shops, a few minutes drive from the first vineyards. Excellent if you want to spend the money on buying wine instead but perhaps not that high charm factor. There are also many small hotels in the villages.

Our first day we devoted to explore the beautiful village of Morey-Saint-Denis, which is a little higher up in the valley with a stunning view over parts of Burgundy. In the village, opposite the church (3 Place de L'Eglise), is an excellent wine shop that sells many wines from the local producers. It is runned by the charming Catherine who has great passion for wine from this area (you can converse in English). A visit here is highly recommended, because you get an excellent opportunity to test your way through a lot of really good wines. We chose to buy wines from the quality producers Domaine Pierre Amiot and Lignier-Michelot. I will come back later on with wine tips from these producers.

Which vintages should you buy? First and foremost, it depends on when you plan to drink the wine. Vintage of 2007 is magically good already now which is unusual in Burgundy. 2008 can be really good but is however much more closed and have many years of storage in order to reach full potential.

To get an extra serotonin kick I can recommend that you bring a picnic basket and make a stop on the road between Morey-Saint-Denis and the neighbouring village of Chambolle-Musigny. If you stop here, you understand what the concept of terroir really means, where the location, soil and micro-climate are important for the wine's character. Have never experienced so much wonderful scents in a vineyards as from this location. An olfactory memory for life! May as well confess it, I'm in love with Morey-Saint-Denis ...

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