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Midsummer feast with Aquavit

Other beveragesPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Fri, June 21, 2013 12:40:22

Photo: Ylva Isaksson

Midsummer - peoples national day
Midsummer could be named peoples national day in Sweden. The weekend when our senses are on top, the fairies dancing at night and we are running naked in our souls. Think how much the Nordic light can do to get us in the right state of mind. And even better is all the fantastic ingredients that peaks during this season.

And nothing can be more traditional than what we choose to chill our throats with. Ice cold aquavit as appetizer for the summer herring and shellfish temptations.

“Imbelupet glaset står på bräcklig fot, kalla pilsnerflaskor luta sig därmot, men därnere, miserere, uti magens avgrundsdjup, sitter djävulen och väntar på en sup”

This is how Wikipedia describes aquavit.

“ -Akvavit or aquavit (/ˈɑːkwəviːt/; /ˈɑːkvəviːt/; is a traditional flavoured spirit that is principally produced in Scandinavia, where it has been produced since the 15th century. Akvavit gets its distinctive flavour from spices and herbs, and the main spice should (according to the European Union) be caraway or dill. It typically contains 40% alcohol by volume.

Aquavit is an important part of Scandinavian drinking culture, where it is often drunk during festive gatherings, such as Christmas dinners and weddings. In Sweden, Denmark and Germany aquavit is cooled down and often sipped slowly from a small shot glass. This is usually attributed to tradition.[2] In Norway where most of the aquavit is matured in oak casks (pre sherry), the drink is at room temperature and served in tulip-shaped glasses or shot glasses. Aquavit arguably complements dark beer well, and its consumption is very often preceded by a swig of beer. Some drink the beer after a sip of aquavit, but purists generally lament this practice, claiming the beer will ruin the flavour and aftertaste

I am fond of the Danish aquavit that is just the way I want it. Especially Aalborg Aquavit Jubilee is a true companion on these occasions. So when I was offered a sample, just in time for the feast of light, it was easy to say yes.

Aalborg Jubileums Akvavit
Normally it's just slips into a definite shot, but now we do it in true wine tasting way. A golden color shimmers in the glass and the aroma is complex with notes of dill, caraway, coriander and citrus. The flavour warms pleasant and delicate shades of dill, caraway, coriander, bitter orange, citrus and a final light sweetness. All in one gulp, and more.

I hope also that you try to let Champagne become a natural part of your midsummer celebration, but hopefully before the Aquavit arrive at the table. Enjoy the light and make the day because midsummer memories will last for ever ...

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Wineblogg buy a ticket with beerline Flyingdog and drink a great Dogtoberfest!

Other beveragesPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Thu, November 22, 2012 21:11:33

Wineblogg have tested a delicious American beer. Most people are well aware that American beer can taste almost nothing, like water. But believe it or not, there are also beer with great personality from smaller breweries. One such brewery standing out as a representative for quality beer is Flying Dog Brewery.

The Flying Dog Brewpub opened in 1990 in Aspen, Colorado, and since the pub was successful, it was decided to launch a full-scale brewery called Flying Dog Brewery. Thank goodness!

Flying Dogtoberfest!
Just a first glance of the bottle makes me smile. What a delicious, challenging and artistic label they have chosen for this particular beer. The aroma is complex with hints of malt, dried fruit, syrup, herbs and vanilla. The taste is really good with great personality and subtle shades of malt, dried apricots, syrup, bread, herbs and brown sugar. A fantastic beer made ​​for being a partner after hot sauna or why not in the bath after a long autumn walk. And once again my theory is that a genuine awareness of the development of the label also says a lot about what awaits in the package.

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An ocean of flavours!

Other beveragesPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Thu, January 26, 2012 20:35:27
Sometimes curiosity wins! Or could it really be worth buying a bottle of whisky for almost 80 Euro?

Laphroaig 18 Years Old for 77 Euro

During Christmas, I got a whim to buy this whisky that I have heard so many positive comments about. Of course, very curious if the rumours ...

The scent is huge with a touch of honey, caramel, vanilla, nuts and ocean! The taste embrace me with a lovely complex aromas, of heather honey, licorice, Swedish oysters, nuts, and a suggestive smoky ending. The taste get my mouth and senses to shout out for joy. Each drop of this God-given whisky is worth its weight in gold. If you get the chance to drink one more whisky in your life-time (especially if you appreciate the drops made ​​with love by The Islay), then this is the chosen one. Ardbeg in its different flavour versions always stay as my favourites, but this is equal if not even better. An Islay whisky with an ocean of flavours, perfect in my home on the Island where I live.

Quality 100/100
Price worthiness 98/100

To Phill, cheers!

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The Ardbeg Whisky Trilogy

Other beveragesPosted by Per-Olof Diderot Wed, November 16, 2011 22:11:20
A play at the highest level!
Have had the great pleasure to test three fabulous whisky bottlings from one of the best distilleries, if not the best. And here are some great ideas for a Christmas gift, that will make Santa Claus very happy (provided that he / she likes whisky smiley).

First up is Ardbeg Uigeadail!
Named after their water source.
The golden drops are beautiful amber coloured with a dense smoky aroma and a hint of seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean. The taste is full of heather honey, smoked charcuterie, chocolate, vanilla and licorice. A great whiskey with a wonderful personality. Despite its price worth every penny.
I give it 97/100 points

The next challanger is Ardbeg Alligator!
Vanilla and honey with a balanced but distinct smokiness emerges. The taste is sweet and stays for a long time with aromas of orange, honey, caramel, smoked charcuterie, licorice and vanilla. A fantastic Whisky which is very impressive with power and balance that symbolizes the Terminator in great shape. I give it 99/100 points.

And last but not least, Ardbeg Supernova!
Wow! A real knock-out scent with a lovely sweet smokiness that clears away any debris in the airways for a few weeks to come. Huge masculine flavour that will rise Santa's hair on the chest and grow. Dried fruit, smoked charcuterie, honey and almonds with a real big bang in the mouth. With this personality, very demanding, but oh so brilliant. A real supernova in the whisky sky. 100/100 points.

When you test any of these whisky it's highly recommended that you supplement the glass with a few drops of cool water.

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